Making the most of natural light in your bathroom renovation

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Whilst many may think of bathrooms as a closed, dark space, the addition of natural light can literally transform any space into something very special. Many people are realising this quality in their own bathroom renovations, and are seeking to maximise the amount of available light that enters through their home.

Letting the light in can create an illusion of larger space, perfect for smaller bathroom spaces. It can also add a great deal of spotlight for more detailed and artisan interiors. On top of this, it enhances the atmosphere by making everything seem more bubbly and bright, which can be a positive and calming influence for those using the space.

There are many ways to maximise the amount of light coming in, from the most basic and simple of windows, to more elegant frames and even full height glass panels. Letting in the natural light into your bathroom doesn’t have to compromise on your privacy, either, as there are many glass types that keep prying eyes out, whilst letting the light in.

bathroom renovation projectTake this example from one of our more recent renovations. The brief of the project made making the most out of the available space a necessity, as well as creating a largely modern space using simple materials. As you can see, the room itself is quite elongated, making the task even more difficult.

The almost full length window is positioned perfectly to allow light to stream in and filter along the entire shape of the room. Fitting in with the general aesthetics of the bathroom, the glass itself has been made translucent to keep privacy to a maximum. You can also see that the light let in has highlighted the finer points of the interior, such as the floorboards used and the walls.

bathroom renovation project

You may remember this picture from one of our more recent blog articles where we discussed how the light let in made the most of the two-tone colour scheme. The concept here is slightly different to the previous example, and revolved around positioning the essentials of the bathroom in a way that would reap the rewards from this available light.

Privacy was not as much of a concern, given the elevated nature of the room, as well as the existing blinds being used. By situating the bathtub and the shower (out of shot) behind, we’ve let the light explore and enhance the space in between them and the vanity. This has contributed to making what was quite a large area seem even bigger.

We can do the same for you, too. Our designers know how to make the most out of both the available space, light, and other considerations, and then creating a beautiful and atmospheric bathroom design for you. Get in touch with us today about your big bathroom renovation plans, and ask us on how we can make your home brighter and lighter than ever before.

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