Restyle your Bathrooms with Bespoke Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

If your bathroom needs a makeover, we can help. Transform your bathroom from dull and drab to elegant and luxurious. From designer tapware to lavish bath tubs, no matter what bespoke items you need, JLT Renovations will offer you that and much more.

Bathroom renovations and remodelling jobs can turn out to be stressful, if not planned for and managed properly. To avoid any stressful moments, it’s always important to plan ahead and ensure a smooth execution. Our expert team at JLT is dedicated to working with our clients from concept to completion to deliver astonishing results.

At JLT, we don’t believe in being ordinary. We strive for excellence. If you are looking for an elegant, luxurious and minimalist bathroom remodelling in Melbourne or something more extravagant and showy, we will help you create the bathroom you desire. So, contact us today and we will schedule a meeting with you so we talk in detail about what you want to change in your bathroom and based on that, give you a free detailed quote.

Innovative and Brilliant Bathroom Renovation Experts at Your Service

Our bathroom renovation experts are some of the most experienced, respected, and talented professionals in their field. Having worked on all scales of projects in Melbourne for bathroom remodels, ergonomic layouts, and interior styling, they will be the best people to talk to in bringing your ideal bathroom renovation dreams into stunning reality.

From concept sketches to the full completion, with form and function in mind, our experts will deliver mind-blowing results every single time. Collaborating with the highest-quality craftsmen in Melbourne that take up the extra challenges and deliver exactly what’s required, JLT will leave no stone unturned to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

So, don’t waste any more time. Give our custom bathroom renovation experts in Melbourne a call today on 1300 400 939 to begin your journey. Our team will be more than happy to listen to what you’re looking to get out of your bathroom renovation ideas, as well as talk you through our process.

Bathroom Renovation Mentone

Bathroom Showrooms Melbourne

JLT Renovations works with quality suppliers to complete each renovation to the highest standard.This Product Showroom will help make your bathroom renovation process easier.


Purveyors of Great Products

At JLT Renovations, we source only the highest quality materials and products, from some of the most well-known and renowned bathroom showrooms across the state. It is one of the many ways that we can guarantee that your ideal, custom bathroom can be built to the highest standards imaginable.

Through our considerable experience and knowledge built up over the past decade, we can also fully ensure that these exceptional goods will be installed efficiently and correctly. Our wide range of high-quality products will suit a broad range of budget and style preferences. To learn more about what we offer and how we work, contact us on 1300 400 939.

Large Range of Designs

Through our ongoing relationship with some of the biggest names across the country, the team at JLT can provide you with a vast array of both traditional and contemporary designs and products. It is our way of ensuring that you can realise your bathroom renovation ideas from conceptualisation to reality. We are constantly adding to our already huge collection of bathroom related accessories, so you can be certain that your custom bathroom will remain unique for many years to come. We can offer you specific consultation on ideas and materials too, thanks to our vast knowledge and experience.


Trusted Names and Brands

Our bathrooms aren’t just projects. For us, it’s a work of art. Therefore, we source materials from the highest regarded producers and suppliers of essential bathroom goods and wares to make sure they meet the highest standards. Our constant aim is to look for new and innovative products and brands to create the “wow” factor you are striving for. It’s one of our many assurances that your custom bathroom will be both of the highest qualities, and will require very little maintenance.

Get Luxury Bathroom Renovation Ideas

We will provide you with an extensive showcase of all the design elements and exceptional materials you need to conceptualise your ideal bathroom setting. We can also provide you with as much help and support as possible, advising you on which products and materials will suit your needs and desires more appropriately. Make an inquiry today and discover what difference our renovations can make in your mundane bathrooms.


Is your bathroom space small and congested?

Don’t worry! Call us today and find out how we can make your small pace opened up and get you a design concept for your bathroom.