The Benefits of a Two Tone Colours Scheme for Your Bathroom Renovation

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Picking the right colour scheme for your bathroom renovation is very important, as it takes up a large percentage of the “wow” factor of the overall finished product. One particular trick that can do just that is a warm two-tone scheme. Using a neutral, warm colour can provide heaps of benefits, such as an enlarging of space, creating a positive atmosphere, on top of adding a genuinely pleasing and soothing aspect to the bathroom renovation itself.

To illustrate this, we’re going to be dissecting one of our more recent bathroom renovations that took place in Wheelers Hill. The client was looking for a modest, contemporary look to the overall bathroom, of which we utilised this concept of soft, warm tones through the design process. On top of this is a great use of space and functionality of the entire area, proving that you don’t have to compromise on quality when going for style. Here you can see the true warmth o f the tiles coming through, and when complemented with the white fixtures and fittings that abound, evokes something of a coffee inspired theme. This warmth makes the bathroom more inviting, and as you can see in the photo, also allows the area to seem much larger than what it is.

This is especially evident in the vanity section, of which despite having two larger basins, still makes the benchtop area seem quite big and more spacious. The use of white in this regard also helps, as white alludes to the concept of large, empty space. Used in conjunction with the warm tiles, we have a pleasing, attractive, and spacious bathroom renovation. The client wanted a stand-alone bathtub, and it is here we we can also see space abound. The warmth of the colours chosen contrasts quite well with the large usage of white in this area, and makes the bathtub stand out. We can also see that this two-tone warmth is mirrored right throughout the bathroom renovation, too.

ImageWe used the same principle as we did the bathtub to make the shower space predominant. The clear glass doesn’t inhibit the two-tone warmth of the rest of the bathroom renovation, whilst also creating a dynamic and elegant space. This shot also shows better how we’ve blended in modernity with the more traditional cornices and door design.

If you like what warm two-tone colour schemes can do, or even if you have another idea for your own bathroom renovation, why not get in touch with us today? We’re always keen to hear your plans and dreams, and aim to set about creating a bathroom renovation that will perfectly suit your needs.

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