Three great tips on designing your own bathroom renovation

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A while ago, we wrote an article on a few things that are worth considering when you are planning on renovating your bathroom. These considerations revolved around the practicality of the final product, and had more to do with making sure that the finalised bathroom plans would be as accessible to you as possible. In line with that, but a little bit more on the fun side, we’re going to be discussing three things to think about when designing your bathroom renovation.

From materials, to colours, fixture styles, and pretty much anything else that you can think of; the world really is your oyster when planning your own bathroom renovation. Knowing where to start with so many choices, however, can almost be a little bit scary. Our tips will steer you into the right direction, making sure that your bathroom renovation will be exactly what you want, whilst also fitting in line with the rest of your home.


Choosing the colour scheme of your bathroom renovation is one of the most exciting stages of the process. Getting it wrong, however, and it can be a disaster. You should consider whether you want your bathroom to effectively tie in with the rest of your home, or whether the intention of the bathroom renovation is to have it stand out as much as possible. Knowing this before you begin will at least put you in the right direction of picking a scheme that will suit your tastes.

Your chosen colours will ultimately decide what options for materials are available to you, so choose wisely. It may be worth going for a lighter scheme to accommodate that faux marble look that you’ve always wanted, for instance. Also think about what type of either lighter or darker shades of the chosen colour scheme that you wish to use. This can be either done as a contrast, or as a feature section to keep the bathroom dynamic overall.


As we mentioned in our previous point, more often than not the colours you wish to use will also determine the materials that are available to you. When choosing materials for vanity tops, showers, baths, and other aspects of the bathroom, you should always keep in mind two things; the look that you’re after, as well as the feel of the material. Stones and tiles often evoke a certain atmosphere to the room, too, so it is worth looking at how each item influences you.

For every type of stone there is, there are almost two-fold more in stone finishes, and this can also affect the physical appearance of the completed bathroom renovation. Everyone has their own preference on whether they prefer matte or gloss finishes, so think about what you prefer, and how it will work with the chosen materials and colour scheme. As a general rule, a gloss finish will evoke brightness, whilst a matte finish will be more muted, refined, and modest.


The most striking part of any bathroom is the fixtures that have been chosen, and these taps and faucets can make or break the overall result of your renovation. There are many types to choose from, and the choice of chrome, bronze, metallic, designer or traditional is purely your choice. You should, however, consider what you want your taps to do. Do you want them to stand out on their own accord, or blend in with the surroundings of your bathroom renovation?

Need help?

If you’re still unsure, or simply cannot make up your mind at the overwhelming range of choices, we’re always here to help. Our bathroom designers come with wide experience in knowing what looks good across all types of design, from the ultra modern, to the more traditional of bathroom concepts. Call us today on 1300 400 939, and ask our designers about how they can help you create a bathroom renovation that you can be proud of.

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