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Small bathroom renovations are somewhat of a blessing in disguise. The smaller space normally translates to a smaller cost, and makes the selection of colours or any particular design theme much less of a hassle. However, this opens the door to a very complex issue that must be addressed that say larger bathroom renovations do not require as strenuously, and that is one of organisation.

Where to place the toilet, the shower, the vanity, how these all promote an efficient work routine; these are all things that will ultimately determine the success of the renovation project. Organising where and how things are arranged in the small bathroom renovation, whilst requiring a lot of thought, doesn’t have to be difficult, however.

In this article, we’ve outlined three things that you can start thinking of to get the balance of your small bathroom renovation just right. These will not only focus on the ideal placement of facilities, but also getting the ergonomics perfect, as well as ways to maximise the space available. We’ll also chuck in a few design tips that we think will work a treat for you, too.

The vanity section

One of the sections that can take up the most space in the bathroom is the vanity section. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that large benchtop that you have always wanted, however. Creative placement of the vanity section within the smaller bathroom size is but one way of maximising the available space.

Think about where you would place the vanity section in your current bathroom make up, with consideration to how you would normally use the bathroom. Fine tuning the ergonomics of your bathroom is the best way to engineer a larger space, as your working routine in the bathroom will become the core focus of the design.

Shower and bathing area

Shower-over-bath options are now more popular than ever before, and it’s not too hard to see why. Incorporating the best features of both the traditional bath and shower, their recent, modern transformation makes them a great first choice, regardless of whether the bathroom is small or large. Best of all, shower-over-bath options frees up plenty of room in the bathroom space.

Should you go for the shower only alternative, there are a few creative ways that you can both make an attractive shower area, whilst also giving the area more room. One of these is the installation of a complete glass screen splashback. Not only does this allow the shower to blend into the bathroom, it gives off an illusion of more space due to the see through glass.

Maximising the available space

The key to making the most out of a small bathroom renovation lies in perfecting the layout. It’s important to think of the bathroom in this way as having three key sections; the toilet, shower/bath, and the vanity. Placing these in the bathroom, where they are perfectly suited to your working routine, is essential, and will go a long way to creating more space.

What this layout will be is totally dependent on you. Are you someone that uses the vanity section quite a lot? If so, you may want to think about making that the core focus of the small bathroom renovation. If you’re more concerned about the bath, especially for those that go to the effort of creating a real spa resort feel, then this should be given prime placement.

We’re the experts in small bathroom renovations in Melbourne

For design tips, help, and advice on how to progress with your small bathroom renovation, talk to the experts in JLT Renovations. We have performed hundreds of small bathroom renovations right across Melbourne, with our attention to detail being well regarded by many. Get in touch with us today, and let’s talk about giving you the bathroom of your dreams.

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