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Where to Splurge and Where to Save – Bathroom Renovation Dilemmas Resolved!

16th April, 2019 by

Do you get irritated every time you enter your bathroom? Chances are – your bathroom needs renovation or a facelift. […]

bathrooms in Melbourne

4 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

27th December, 2016 by

Our expectations from a humble space like bathroom is quite inflated. It is now seen as a place to relax, […]

bathrooms in Melbourne

5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas that give a luxurious facelift:

22nd December, 2016 by

Renovating your bathroom to give a luxurious facelift can be an expensive affair but turns out as a excellent investment […]

bathrooms in Melbourne

How to plan a bathroom renovation. A step by step guide.

25th November, 2016 by

Step 1: Jot down your likes and dislikes. A bathroom is a very personal space and when it comes to […]

bathrooms in Melbourne

Top 5 Design Tips to Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom

14th November, 2016 by

Renovating bathrooms is one of the aspirational projects to undertake. Unless you are a professional experienced renovator, you may feel […]

bathrooms Melbourne

What is there to know about bathroom vanity units?

12th August, 2016 by

Bathroom vanity fixtures play a vital role in any bathroom design, both in they way they look and how they […]

bathrooms Melbourne

How to easily organise your bathroom cupboards

9th August, 2016 by

Now that you have your brand new, fantastic bathroom renovation in Melbourne from JLT, it’s time to make sure that […]

bathrooms Melbourne

4 simple tips for choosing tiles for your bathroom

5th August, 2016 by

Choosing the right tiles for your upcoming bathroom renovation can be daunting. Tiles play a huge part in the overall […]

bathrooms Melbourne

6 Bathroom Cleaning Problems Solved

29th July, 2016 by

1. Dirty and mouldy shower curtains Wash your shower curtains with a bleach solution. These can be a little tricky […]

bathrooms in Melbourne

Getting your small bathroom renovation just right

4th July, 2016 by

Small bathroom renovations are somewhat of a blessing in disguise. The smaller space normally translates to a smaller cost, and […]

bathrooms in Melbourne

Making the most of natural light in your bathroom renovation

23rd June, 2016 by

Whilst many may think of bathrooms as a closed, dark space, the addition of natural light can literally transform any […]

bathrooms in Melbourne

Three great tips on designing your own bathroom renovation

7th June, 2016 by

A while ago, we wrote an article on a few things that are worth considering when you are planning on […]

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