Bathroom renovation Melbourne

From Rain Showers to Coloured Basins- Top Ten Bathroom Design Trends in Australia

27th March, 2023 by

Do you want to know what’s next in the world of bathroom design? Look no further if you want a […]

bathrooms in Melbourne

Making the most of natural light in your bathroom renovation

17th November, 2022 by

Whilst many may think of bathrooms as a closed, dark space, the addition of natural light can literally transform any […]

bathrooms in Melbourne

Three great tips on designing your own bathroom renovation

16th November, 2022 by

A while ago, we wrote an article on a few things that are worth considering when you are planning on […]

Kitchen renovations

Top 3 Considerations For Your Bathroom Renovation

12th November, 2022 by

Custom bathrooms are a fantastic way to transform your home into an area that you can call your very own. […]

Kitchen renovations

How to choose the right handles for your kitchen cabinets

11th November, 2022 by

We’ve been touching base on the benefits of a perfectly designed kitchen in recent weeks. Today, we’re going to be […]

Bathroom renovation Melbourne

Three great ways to incorporate listello tiles into your new renovation design

9th November, 2022 by

Listello tiles, made famous by the distinctive and picturesque mosaic designs of the antiquated era, have made somewhat of a […]

Kitchen renovations

Planning your new kitchen renovation? Read this first!

8th November, 2022 by

Kitchens are quickly becoming the most important area in the home, and now garners as much focus in home inspections […]

Kitchen renovations

Choosing the most adequate lighting for your kitchen renovation

7th November, 2022 by

We spend thousands of dollars on our kitchen renovations, ensuring that the final product perfectly reflects the hard work and […]

bathrooms in Melbourne

Three popular bathtub trends for the year

6th November, 2022 by

One of the focal points of any conceptual process for bathroom design ideas is that of the bath. Often the […]

Kitchen renovations

What TV Doesn’t Show You; Important Considerations for your own DIY Project

5th November, 2022 by

It seems that we can’t turn on the television nowadays without being bombarded by another renovation reality show. This spike […]

bathrooms in Melbourne

The Artistic Stylings of Shaker Kitchens

4th November, 2022 by

As far as kitchen design ideas go, the concept of the “shaker kitchen” is an unusual one to say the […]

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