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Whilst the main bathroom is quite often the focus of a full scale renovation project, it is actually ensuite renovations that can provide you with the most benefits. For those that do have the luxury of an ensuite bathroom, it is perhaps the one place in the home where it is important to tailor it precisely to your workflow and particular needs.

Like all other types of small space renovations, however, there are many different aspects to consider to make sure that your ensuite renovation offers you a personal touch. Aspects such as the location of fixtures and fittings, the ergonomic layout of the bathroom itself, as well as the scale of the ensuite renovation, can all make or break your project.

So what do we look for in an ensuite renovation?

Ensuite renovations work best when they focus on five points, of which are closely related to how you work in the bathroom, and common tasks that you perform. These are:

  • Your morning routine, from the point of entry.
  • Any particulars that you may require, such as a larger medicine cabinet.
  • The size of your vanity, should you or your partner need to use the ensuite simultaneously.
  • The placement of the bath, shower, and towel racks, depending on your workflow.
  • Adequate lighting, depending on your particular needs.

You will notice that each of these points combined possess an onus on functionality and practicality. Your ensuite, after all, is effectively an extension of your greater bedroom area. You wouldn’t have your bed in a hard to access area, and the same can be said for almost any component in the bathroom area.

How to come up with an ideal starting point for your ensuite renovation?

Take those five points, and think about how each one relates to you. Planning the perfect ensuite renovation basically revolves around how you work and the ease of you to do so. Think about where you prefer to access the vanity from, where the shower or bath should be for it to be more accessible for you, and how large of a vanity section you need.

The team at JLT Renovations can assist you with not only completing your dream ensuite renovation, but also the planning and concept stage. Our designers hold particular experience with ensuite renovations, and will be the best people to talk to regarding the crafting of an ensuite that you can be proud of.

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