Great New Shower Trends For 2022

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With the new year has come a vast array of intelligent and attractive shower designs, to spruce up a vital area of the home. New technologies, materials and unique ideas, have all contributed to offering a nearly unlimited selection of great new bathroom ideas, guaranteed to complement any particular design theme.

The team at JLT Renovations, as always, are right on top of the new trends and concepts spearheading this explosion of innovative alternatives for the conventional shower space. We have gone through and hand picked our favourite new ideas, all specifically designed to create that distinguished and attractive shower you’ve always dreamed of.

Frameless Shower Screens

Seamless transition from one part of the bathroom to the other, has been a particular focus for custom bathroom designers in the last half of the decade. Shower screens, as a result, now come in a wide range of options, providing a welcome alternative to the traditional choice of either a curtain or a plain glass door.

A frameless glass shower box is a great idea for those that desire a more open bathroom area. These frameless screens provide great protection from water splashback, and also retain heat generated from the shower. They can also help to keep the shower open and accessible.

Bent glass shower screens are also a very popular alternative, as these can be melded into a single shape. Bent glass can also incorporate unusual and unique shapes, that will make the shower an important focus of your bathroom.

Feature Walls

In our last article, we talked about the amazing new styles of tile that have been hitting the market as of late. This reinvigoration of the concept of attractive tiling, was aided by the increasing popularity of boutique shower areas, and the necessity of keeping them the focus of your bathroom.

Feature walls help to create a point of focus, and distinguish the shower from the rest of the bathroom. These feature wall designs can literally be anything, from simplistic mosaic styling to the more extravagant overlay of a photo onto the wall itself.

Feature tile strips, normally a column or row of a particular tile design no wider than 50 mm, have been a highly desired trend in the past year. These strips are greatly customisable, and can be used to either tie-in the shower with the rest of the bathroom, or to create a unique contrast from that theme.

Walk in Showers

Modern homes are now designed to provide as much open space as possible. It is because of this, that walk in showers have long eclipsed the traditional bathtub/shower combination, as the most popular for bathroom renovations.

Walk in showers offer a high level of versatility in placement, as they allow for incorporation into existing wall space or as a stand alone function. Walk in showers also provide a unique blank canvas for design purposes, inviting creative tile decoration, as mentioned above.

Showers that have been built into the structure of the building, can also seamlessly integrate shampoo and shaver storage boxes. This helps in providing additional convenience for the user, and also in keeping the shower area open, spacious and inviting.

Steam Showers

From the turn of the century, there was a sudden spark in uniquely designed, drop-in shower boxes, that incorporated a steam system for the ultimate in relaxation. These boxes constituted of the standard rail head, and either had a dual-side or a back steam application, with some even including a foot massager at the bottom of the shower pan.

More and more built-in showers are now being designed to incorporate these steam units. Usually available with a bench for additional comfort, dedicated steam showers are also available with high pressure water jets and a shower head that mimics a cloudburst effect.

These showers are designed to offer the complete spa treatment within the comfort of your own home. They are also surprisingly affordable too, with many upstart small suppliers looking to get a foothold in the market with cheaper prices, without compromising on quality.

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Having provided brilliant custom built bathrooms Melbourne wide for over a decade, there is no more trusted name than JLT Renovations for your custom bathroom needs.

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