How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Luxurious Spot

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What gives your bathroom a luxurious look? Well, high-end fittings and appealing fixtures can certainly bring a lavish makeover but luxury bathroom renovations in Melbourne go beyond them. In this article, we are going to see some effective tips and considerations for having luxury bathrooms in Melbourne.

Here, you may ask a question- Do we need to fill the bathroom space with showy articles or garish pieces in luxury bathroom renovations? Thankfully, the answer is ‘no’. Luxury bathrooms in Melbourne are about having simple details with items with aesthetic appeal and a sense of serenity. These small details can transform even the smallest bathroom space from traditional to luxurious and cosy.

Luxury bathroom renovations can make large bathrooms comfortable and small ones feel spacious in look and feel. Even if you have a small bathroom space, you can make it luxurious by putting the right pieces in the right places. At JLT Renovations, we have come across many instances of bathroom renovations in Melbourne and nearby areas. Based on our experiences, here are our few tips for luxury bathroom renovations.

Let’s start with the basics.

Luxury Bathroom Renovations- Key Points to Consider

Luxury bathroom renovations depend on three crucial factors- budget, duration, and choice or interest. Simply put, you need to define a budget based on the duration of staying at home. It means whether you want to stay in the home forever or only for some time. Also, you need to think about your preferences for making your bathroom luxurious.

Budget always plays a vital role in converting bathrooms into luxury bathrooms in Melbourne and nearby areas. While working with experts in luxury bathroom renovations, you can get their recommendations and options to meet budgetary limitations. You can save big bucks with their recommendations. As a renowned renovation company in Melbourne, we suggest high-quality materials while offering expert installation services for luxury bathroom renovation.

Luxury bathroom renovations include unique features in tiling like shelving, benches, and niches. Wood-imitation tile feature is also in vogue for bringing natural aesthetics. Apart from this, shower windows can become more appealing with the inclusion of privacy glass. It offers an excellent finishing touch and visual richness.

If the bathroom space is small, careful placement of windows can give the feeling of expansion by enabling more natural light to come into the bathroom. Skylight installations can provide additional natural light in your washroom while connecting to the outdoors.

Luxury bathrooms in Melbourne with more space can be a visual delight for everyone. A larger tub, water closet, separate shower, and other luxury features are possible to implement in such bathrooms. What’s more, you can easily extend the vanity size while upgrading its materials.

Apart from tiling and windows features, heated flooring can make your bathroom more luxurious as you take a warm shower on a chilly winter morning. Moreover, here are some additional considerations for luxury bathroom renovations in Melbourne.

Other Important Aspects to Keep in Mind

Luxury bathrooms remain cosy and provide spa-like relaxation when you add features or fixtures like-

  • Advanced fixtures like rainfall showerheads, hand showerheads, and multiple jets
  • A shower system instead of a standard showerhead
  • Showers with multiple shower heads so that each person can keep the water temperature as per their choice individually
  • A Jacuzzi or a chemotherapy tub with coloured LED lights for relaxing therapy
  • A glass surround shower and ceramic tiles throughout the kitchen
  • Spot and shower lighting (Waterproof)
  • An inbuilt wall cabinet
  • Inbuilt waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • An exhaust fan for humidity control
  • A piece of fine art
  • Heated floors and towel bar
  • Stained glass windows
  • High-end materials like marble, travertine tile, and crystal, for ensuring the ultimate luxury of bathrooms.

You can consult a reputed organisation for bathroom renovation in Melbourne to get more suggestions based on the space of your bathroom so that you make it more spacious and luxurious.

Colour and Tilework- Do They have an Impact on Luxury Bathrooms in Melbourne?

Both these aspects are capable of showing even small bathrooms as large and luxurious. For example, a small bathroom can look bigger with white colour on the walls. White colour gives a clean look and creates an expansive feeling by reflecting light at an optimum level.

Tilework, on the other hand, can make or break your bathroom. Too small and complex tilework can create a cluttered feel whereas too large tiles can overpower other elements of the bathroom. Continuous lines with professional installation of tiles can give an awesome impression.

Closing Remarks

We are experts in bathroom renovations in Melbourne and nearby regions. We help you make a difference with luxury bathrooms with an emphasis on uniqueness and aesthetic value. Want to get a free consultation or know more about our renovation services in Australia? Mail us at or call us at 1300 400 939.

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