Know The Key Indicators To Spruce Up Your Bathroom Renovation

Modern Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Modern Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Do you feel the need for bathroom renovations? We understand your reason for not considering an upgrade but opting for renovation. However, rather than spending much on periodic repairs, it is wise to transform your high-traffic and regularly used room into one of the most functional and modern bathrooms in Melbourne.

From frequent wear and tear to dated decor and narrow storage, we can mention plenty of reasons why you should opt for bathroom renovations in Melbourne. Do you need help knowing the signs that now is the right time for it? Let’s help you with key indicators to spruce up your bathroom makeover.

Breaks and Leaks

Breaks and leaky pipes are indications that your bathroom is in bad condition. This causes water wastage and results in increased water bills. Besides, if water soaks in the walls and floor, it could cause significant damage requiring you to spend more on repairs. Leakages may also make you or your family member slip by if unnoticed. Also, leaky water may intersect with electrical connections, cause fire or trigger an electrical outage. Breaks in ceilings and leakages in faucets can harm more than you can imagine. So, it is wise to fix it with bathroom renovations before the situation worsens.

Poor Lighting

You will agree with us when I say that lighting significantly impacts the bathroom ambience. People sometimes focus more on decorative things than lighting. However, appropriate lighting can make you feel satisfied as you or your loved ones spend more time to get ready, apply make-up, fix your hair and more. That is why you should give your bathroom a facelift with adequate lighting and reinvent the ambience of your bathrooms in Melbourne.

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint means there is a build-up of moisture and mould. Peeling surfaces can also occur because of poor-quality paint that cannot withstand consistent moisture and steam. However, the wall colour can also fade after a long run. To avoid peeling walls and ceilings, you should either install a fan to circulate the air in your bathroom or look for paint options that resist moist air after the shower.

Mould Build-up

Pipe leakages and damp and humid air can cause and elevate mould growth. Mould is not just an eyesore. It can badly affect you and your family’s health if it goes unnoticed. The signs that you will face mould growth start with dark spots emerging on the ceiling and edges of the bath or shower and enter the grout between tiles. Deal with it as a crucial health hazard before it spreads to places where you can’t even see it.

Non-functional Design

The poorly designed bathrooms in Melbourne may possess a layout without considering a suitable storage plan. Don’t let the non-functional design bother you every day. Decide on bathroom renovations that suit your home aesthetics. We will help you redesign and make it appear appealing and functional.

Damaged Floors

When you notice multiple signs of damage, such as cracks in the tiles and invisible floorboards damaged by water, it is time to look for bathroom renovations. You may also notice the floor tiles becoming discoloured, stained, and at times they will start lifting out. This will definitely cause you to suffer an extensive and expensive repair. Instead, settle on remodelling that transforms the space into a modern bathroom in Melbourne.

Insufficient Storage

One of the basic necessities for bathrooms in Melbourne is storage space. When you know you don’t have enough space to store essentials, you must consider opting for bathroom renovations. Or, maybe, the current storage design was targeted to accommodate fewer individuals, and now your family has expanded. In such a case, the existing storage capacity will not be sufficient to keep all the supplies. We advise adding storage based on your needs with bathroom renovations. Small or big, the experienced renovators from JLT Renovations can give your bathroom a modern touch and still provide enough storage.

Outdated Decor

Don’t you hate entering your bathroom as it has old faucets and other outdated fittings? This is obvious as an individual’s choices and trends change over time. Preferring bathroom renovations in Melbourne to upgrade the colour or tiling as it plays a crucial role in its appearance. Be thoughtful while picking fixtures, tiles, vanities, countertops, bathtubs, decorative elements, lighting and more to make your bathroom appear outstanding.

JLT Renovations Is At Your Rescue For Every Aspect of Renovations

JLT Renovations has your back if you want to plan your modern bathroom renovations in Melbourne. Our experienced renovators can manage every specific aspect of bathroom remodelling, irrespective of its size. With 20 years of experience and excellence, our renovators can handle critical bathroom renovations and make it an easy process for you. From start to finish, we take care of every aspect of the process.

Still have questions? We love to hear from you if you have any queries about renovations or need advice on where to start. Call us on 1300 400 939 or visit our website and get a free quote for your bathroom renovations in Melbourne.

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