Five Useful Ways Natural Light Benefits Your Bathroom

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When considering a bathroom renovation, it’s essential to consider the value of the right lighting. Both natural and artificial light options can create a bright space in your bathroom as well as increase its functionality. Most custom design bathrooms in Melbourne prioritise natural lighting, which is why all experts in bathroom renovations across the region emphasize the importance of adequate illumination.

As we review the top benefits that natural light can bring to your bathroom here, let us also take note of a few types of lighting that should be considered during bathroom renovations in Melbourne.

Types of Lighting

Here are four different types of lights you can combine to make your bathroom look more appealing and luxurious.

  • Natural Lighting

Natural light is the most abundant source of lighting globally. Skylights in the ceiling and large windows are the major sources of the abundance of natural light. Natural light is free of cost and brings many benefits to your bathroom.

  • Accent Lighting

This lighting is helpful for highlighting features in your bathroom. For example, a pendant light can be put next to the vanity to highlight it. Accent lighting can also be used to showcase luxurious facilities in the bathroom.

  • Task Lighting

As the name suggests, this type of lighting is useful for specific activities like applying makeup or shaving. Custom design bathrooms in Melbourne prefer a smart mirror with built-in lighting for these activities.

  • Ambient Lighting

It includes the main source of light in the bathroom with downlights, wall sconces, and pendant lights. Ambient lighting is related to the overall feel of your bathroom. Too few downlights or too many lights do not give a good appearance.

Top Natural Lighting Benefits You Need to Consider for Bathroom

Here are the top benefits of natural lighting in bathroom renovations in Melbourne.

  • Saves Money

The biggest advantage of natural lighting is its cost-effectiveness. For bathroom renovation in Melbourne, you need to meet a few basic needs, such as having outside exposure. A window or skylight is ideal for this purpose, however, if neither is available then installing a window is necessary and may include an investment depending on the type of window chosen.

Using natural light instead of electric lighting is an economical choice as there are no energy costs associated. It eliminates the need to buy bulbs and change them regularly. It also decreases energy consumption, leading to a reduction in energy bills in the short, medium, and long term.

  • Brings Warmth

Do you know that natural light is a great source of warmth? If you live in a sunny and warm climate, relying on it can help to reduce heating costs. In colder spaces, sunlight may not be the most effective form of heat, but its presence can help to keep bathrooms cosy even during those chillier months.

Apart from this, natural bathroom lighting can make your bathroom more visible and help reduce energy costs during the daytime.

  • Supports Creativity

When it comes to bathroom renovations in Melbourne, the position and type of windows can be used to create various creative opportunities. Not only do they add style and visual appeal, but with the use of different frames and trims of windows, you can add a range of natural light. A great way to bring a touch of uniqueness is through skylights, which provide a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

An effective layout featuring windows and skylights can optimise the use of natural light. You can also compliment the look of your bathroom by placing decorative items in front of the sun, for dramatic effect. This will create a ‘spotlight’ causing any decorations to appear even more eye-catching.

  • Improves Health

In comparison to other types of lighting, natural light has more health benefits. It is also good for keeping the bathroom environment healthy. Natural light can provide enough visibility when electric lights are turned off to keep all areas of your bathroom easily accessible when they are off. As a result, natural light can prevent any possible injuries due to lack of visibility.

A person’s mood is also boosted by natural light, and it is a rich source of vitamin D. In this way, natural light can improve your health and confidence.

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