Three popular bathtub trends for the year

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One of the focal points of any conceptual process for bathroom design ideas is that of the bath. Often the centrepiece of many bathrooms, a truly unique and attractive bath section, can potentially transform your bathroom into something special, even if it is great as it is. Custom bathrooms nowadays are using many distinctive tricks of the trade to ensure that the bath is the main attraction, and below we’ve listed a few of the latest trends to turn your bath area into an amazing place to unwind and relax.

Multi-dimensional aspect

A favourite in more contemporary interior designs, utilising a mixture of bevelled and reflective tiles to create an infinite appearance, has become more popular in recent years. Working in the same way that three dimensional drawings do in tricking the eye, a clever use of these tiles can often hide the bath when empty, creating a unique visual for your bathroom’s interior. These tiles work best when glossed and coloured black, with the darkness helping to reflect their surroundings.

Retro is back

The future of baths is ironically in the past, with traditional materials, such as brass and unpolished steel, being incorporated back into bath designs. Brass faucets in particular, once a very common sight in homes all across Melbourne, have made a huge comeback into popularity. Another traditional aspect is the shape of the faucet itself, with curved, elongated tap heads and pipes being a favourite for those looking for a much more gritty, industrial design.

Natural stone tubs

Refined and improved manufacturing processes have led to organic stone tubs being used for bathroom renovations in Melbourne. The most popular seem to be granite composites, which offer a beautiful visual of the delicate and shiny minerals encased within the granite itself. These are effortlessly highlighted when water is deposited into the bathtub itself, often projecting the mineral quality throughout the liquid, and creating a welcoming visual for those who are bathing.

The bathroom renovation experts

No matter what your favourite bath design is, you can trust the team at JLT Renovations to bring all of your bathroom renovation ideas to life. We have provided hundreds of households across Melbourne with the stunning and unique bathroom & kitchen designs they’ve always wanted, and are best placed to consult and advise you on which type of bath design is best suited to your overall concept. Call us today on 1300 440 939, and ask what we can do to realise your dream design for your kitchen or bathroom.

Have you recently installed a new bathtub or renovated an existing one? What material did you choose? Feel free to post a comment below, we want to hear from you!

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