Choosing the most adequate lighting for your kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations

We spend thousands of dollars on our kitchen renovations, ensuring that the final product perfectly reflects the hard work and time that was put into its initial design. Many people, however, are neglecting to focus on what, perhaps, is the most integral element of any kitchen renovation – the lighting. Particularly in kitchens where neutral colours such as white have been chosen, a lack of adequate lighting or a poor choice in lighting systems can have a detrimental effect on the overall design.

Kitchens are now expected to be an area of entertainment for guests and special occasions, and without the correct choice of lighting to set the right mood, your kitchen may lose that edge. Below, we have provided three variants of popular lighting methods, which will not only emphasise the qualities of your kitchen design ideas, but will also create that distinctive centrepiece that you’ve been looking for.


LED downlights have proven to be incredibly popular in the last two decades, with many businesses and homes incorporating a system of downlights for many differing rooms and interiors. Downlights are unobtrusive, fairly affordable to purchase and install, and do not require any elaborate wiring processes. Downlights are perfectly suited for larger kitchens, spreading the light around the room evenly, whilst also creating a distinctively warm feel throughout the room.

Industrial lights

With the increased popularity of the celebration of the urban in recent years has come the introduction of industrial lights into the home. Industrial lights are large, can often come in a set of three joined via a vice or a rig, and act as a giant spotlight if used in conjunction with one another. Smaller kitchens can benefit from industrial lighting, keeping focus on the main areas – such as an island bench – whilst making the kitchen seem bigger than it appears.

Lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are essentially singular lights operating in tandem with one another to create a bar of light above the kitchen itself. Lighting fixtures are commonly used for kitchens that have the benefit of a large island bench, pointing the focus onto that particular area. They can also be used to line the floor area of the kitchen itself, allowing for a directional perspective which will keep the light even and comprehensive throughout the kitchen area.

JLT Renovations is the leading provider of kitchen renovations in Melbourne. With over a decade of experience in the design and implementation of boutique renovations, we are best placed to advise you on exactly which type of lighting is best suited to emphasise the aura and atmosphere of your kitchen. We are also the specialists in bathroom renovations Melbourne wide, providing your home with a unique feature area that everyone can enjoy.

What’s your favourite type of lighting? We’re particularly interested in your opinions on how lighting can benefit the overall design of a kitchen.

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