Three great ways to incorporate listello tiles into your new renovation design

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Listello tiles, made famous by the distinctive and picturesque mosaic designs of the antiquated era, have made somewhat of a resurgence recently in kitchens and bathrooms across the country. These tiles come in an extensive variety of materials, colours, and even sizes, and are uniquely suited to be incorporated in numerous areas of the home, where they can add to the interior design of the home.

Listello tiles are a particular favourite to work with for experts in bathroom and kitchen renovations, owing in part to their relatively easy manufacturing process and their likewise simple installation procedure. Below, we’ve come up with three fantastic ways to utilise the aesthetic qualities of listello tiles in the design of your kitchen or bathroom renovations. As always, the friendly team at JLT are on hand to provide you with any additional information that you may require about listello tiles, or any other type of tile for that matter.

Feature strips

Followers of this blog will remember us discussing the usefulness of incorporating feature strips into your bathroom design ideas, of which listello tiles can emphasise to a stunningly high level of detail. Listello tiles can predominantly display intricate patterns in superb fashion, and using these in the form of a feature strip on cabinet edges, shower walls or even underneath vanities, can add an extra edge to your interior aesthetics.

Floor surfaces

Previously, using the traditional form of listellos as a floor surface was effectively impossible, lest the homeowners enjoyed the feeling of sharp stones underneath their feet. Enhanced manufacturing processes, on top of improved materials used for varnished surfaces, have now meant that you can have the great visual of a beautiful listello mosaic, incorporated into a lovely, smooth surface.


With the increased popularity of building vanity sections into the wall, the necessity to retain definement of the section has likewise followed by rising substantially. Tiled borders are not only an easy option – given their relatively high cost-effectiveness – but can also look fantastic in a newly renovated setting. A listello tile border will not only provide this distinctiveness from the rest of the bathroom, but it will also add an extra dimension to the appearance of your renovation.

The experts in kitchen and bathroom renovations

At JLT Renovations, we have an extensive range of brilliant tiles and tile applications – including listellos – that will provide you with a powerful tool to conceptualise your custom bathroom and kitchen designs. Call us today on 1300 440 939 to speak to one of our renovation consultants, and let us help you create your ideal home interior.

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