Looking for a colourful kitchen renovation? Why not try white?

Kitchen renovations

Whilst the distinctive, pastel shades of 1950’s kitchen appliances once again becomes popular, we thought we’d talk about a timeless classic – white kitchens. White kitchens, out of all of the predominant kitchen styles, have always been at the forefront of renovation trends. This is in part due to the attractive, blank canvas that they provide homeowners for further decoration and exploration of this vital, interior space.

But what exactly has made white kitchens so endearing for over five generations? Below, you will find a short list of some of the many great benefits that a white kitchen space can offer your home. We have been providing magnificent renovations for over a decade, with our keen eye for superb design and efficiency in installation, making us one of the most reputed providers of kitchen renovations in Melbourne.

Enforcing an easier transition

Modern kitchen design ideas revolve around the necessity of the contemporary kitchen to be an area without definition, with the greater kitchen and dining setting needing to be flexible in purpose. A white colour scheme can mean anything, in essence, and as such is ideal for creating that grand area for important gatherings and special occasions. White also makes the room seem bigger, and can enhance the first impression of your kitchen renovation.

Showcases an infinite amount of styles

White, rather uniquely, can effortlessly become the base of a number of different styles and appearances. From shaker kitchens, to more grandiose and antiquated visuals, and even ultra modern styles, a white colour scheme can accommodate any type of kitchen that you can think of. White also blends in perfectly with other shades, so even if you prefer a colourful kitchen, a splash of white could add a great deal of artistic depth.

Sophistication and glamour

It is no coincidence that we frequently associate white with tones of elegance, class and sophistication. For centuries, white has communicated these qualities seamlessly, and if a sleek kitchen is what you’re after, then a white colour scheme will deliver that to you in spades. White also works well with a material which is also effective in communicating the same attributes – timber finishes. As a result, a combination of wooden cabinets and white can work together to create the perfect kitchen style for you.

We are the experts when it comes to taking your kitchen and bathroom design ideas, and bringing them to reality. Contact us today on 1300 440 939 to see how we can help with your own bathroom or kitchen interior renovations, and don’t forget to let us know what you think about white kitchens by posting a comment below.

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