The Return of the Freestanding Bath

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One interesting trend that we have noticed in the last year, has been the emergence of the freestanding bathtub. Once a symbol of power during the Imperial era of the 1800’s, the bathtub as it was then faded into obscurity, as the popularity of showers and then shower-bath combinations increased. With the recent rise of retro aesthetics as a powerful decorational tool, however, freestanding baths are once again seen as a luxury item.

Freestanding baths are simply fantastic, as their deep tub and pan help to create a truly relaxing feeling. They also provide an illusion of space, as a well placed bath can often make the room appear to be bigger than what it is. Having designed brilliant bathroom renovations Melbourne wide for over a decade, JLT Renovations have provided a few great reasons below why you should consider a freestanding bath.

Untold Comfort and Relaxation

At the heart of all of our magnificent bathroom renovation ideas, is the concept of the bathroom being a relative spa resort, where you can relax and unwind after the usual stresses of the day. Freestanding baths, through their unique design, perfectly tie in with this notion.

The modern day, freestanding bath can also come with many great options to enhance this already high level of comfort even further. The inclusion of water jets, effectively creating a convenient jacuzzi system, and padded headrests, can allow you to treat yourself to a comprehensive spa treatment.

Completely Customisable

Freestanding baths are particularly desirable in the way they showcase their pipes and tapware, as they are completely visible. This allows for elegant brass taps, for example, to be shown, adding another dimension to your bathroom. Freestanding baths can also incorporate the colour of the interior of the bathroom, and can be made out of numerous materials that will retain the heat generated from bathing.

Incorporated Italian Shower Heads

Italian shower heads are essentially a continuous stream of comforting water jets, designed to massage and thoroughly cleanse the body. They burst onto the market and have remained a popular alternative to the conventional shower head, due to the way they can be incorporated into ceilings.

Because of this, the combination of a freestanding bath and these shower heads can open up a lot of space in the bathroom, and provide a unique centrepiece of your custom bathroom.

JLT Renovations can offer you a wide variety of freestanding baths, that will cater for those looking for their own part of history, or those seeking the full spa effect. We are the premier provider of fantastic, renovated bathrooms across Melbourne, and our impressive catalogue of custom bathrooms is a testament to this.

What are your thoughts on freestanding baths? Let us know in the comments section below!

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