Looking to Fit your Bathroom with Marble Tiles? Why not Try Porcelain?

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Marble has been for over 3000 years a highly desirable material, and can commonly be found in some of the more lavish, most recognisable buildings throughout the world. Its distinctive appearance, luxurious texture and renowned durability, have endeared it to many generations of people for over three millennia. So it’s no surprise that a common sight in custom design bathrooms is, in fact, the fitting and beautiful presentation of elegant, marble tiles.

Marble, however – like most other naturally occurring stones – requires heavy maintenance when placed in a setting such as a bathroom, with re-sealing required at least twice every year. Marble can also be prone to staining – a problem in an area with many different liquids and compounds – and even if your marble tiles have been perfectly sealed, this is no guarantee of any stains eating away at the marble veins, ruining their attractive look and feel.

The notion of heavy maintenance for a surface prone to defacing and it’s incredibly steep cost, have surprisingly never dimmed the popularity of marble, and there are now many copycat materials out in the market today. One such imitation are marble-style porcelain tiles. Proving to be one of the more popular bathroom design ideas, marble-porcelain tiles are designed to mirror the same brilliant qualities of authentic marble tiles.

In many cases, amazingly, marble-porcelain can actually be more attractive and practical than marble itself. Porcelain can be cut into many different shapes, something that can prove to be difficult with marble, and as such we’ve seen instances of beautiful marble-style mosaics as a feature wall. The ability to refine the marble appearance into shapes never seen before, has been leaped upon by professional interior designers.

Porcelain is also much more resistant to stains, due in part to its renowned resistance to water. The waterproof nature of porcelain has made it a common option for bathroom tiling for quite a long time now, and its easily decorative nature has endeared it further as a tile alternative. Unlike actual marble, re-sealing is not required for your porcelain tiles, shaving valuable time off its maintenance requirement.

The main bonus of marble-porcelain, however, is that it is extremely hard to tell the difference between marble and marble-porcelain tiles. Such has been the refinement in the technology behind manufacturing faux marble, that every little aspect that has made marble so famous – right down to the unique marble veins – has now been perfectly re-created to the most minute detail.

JLT Renovations – having provided only the highest quality of materials to hundreds of bathroom renovations Melbourne wide – are best placed to provide you with faux marble tiles that will add a regal, polished touch to your bathroom, with minimal maintenance required in the future. We also design, plan and execute beautiful kitchen renovations, that will revitalise your dining area and home interior. Call us on 1300 400 939 today to find out what we can do for you.

Are you a massive marble fan? Have you ever considered faux marble porcelain before? Tell us all about it in the comments section provided.

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