Ceramic vs Stone Bench Tops – The Benefits of Both

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An interesting debate about different kitchen and bathroom design ideas that we’ve noticed recently, has been that of ceramic basins vs natural stone basins. Stone basins have obtained widespread popularity over the last two decades for their distinct properties, but there are still people firmly entrenched in team ceramic for their more traditional, elegant appearance.

At JLT Renovations, we like both options, and we have included a few notes about how they differ, and what they can offer for your ideas regarding kitchen or bathroom renovations, allowing you to see and judge for yourself! Feel free to have a read through our article and let us know who you think wins!


Ceramic basins, despite being the more traditional out of the two, seamlessly blend in with contemporary design ethos, and in most cases can add that final, modern polish to your bathroom. Stone basins, however, provide a more distinctive, unique feel to your bathroom. The use of certain stone materials can also add valuable aesthetics, such as a dark, rough cut stone for rustic purposes, or crisp, white marble for a more regal atmosphere.


The difference between the ease of cleaning ceramic or stone basins is very miniscule, however, stone basins possess the valuable property of being resistant to the buildup of soap scum. This resistance ensures you will spend less time performing regular maintenance on your stone basin. Despite this, however, ceramic basins are still easier to clean, due in part to their more traditional, curved shape, and their lack of necessity to use dedicated cleaning products.


Ceramic basins have been around for a long time, and their unmatched versatility in being combined with other materials is well renowned. Ceramic basins can complement marble, timber and other material features of the bathroom perfectly, often emphasising these materials and making them stand out.

Stone basins, however, stand out on their own, due in part to the remarkable shapes that they can be melded into. Stone basins possess their own great design qualities, and are a particular favourite for new kitchen renovations, as they easily create their own focal points in what is a busy area.

Regardless of whether you prefer ceramic or stone basins, JLT Renovations – being the leading bathroom and kitchen designer Melbourne wide – can provide your vanity or kitchen bench tops with a truly stunning finish. We source out only the highest quality ceramic and stone materials and products available, and can custom cut these to your particular needs. Call us today on 1300 400 939 to find out more about how we can help you design your ideal kitchen or bathroom.

So who won, ceramic or stone? Let us know in the comments section provided!

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