The Artistic Stylings of Shaker Kitchens

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As far as kitchen design ideas go, the concept of the “shaker kitchen” is an unusual one to say the least. With many homeowners looking to maximise their kitchen space into a full entertainment area in the modern era of reality cooking shows and celebrity chefs, trimming down the kitchen to its pure basics is a massive turn in the other direction. However, the novelty of the shaker kitchen is a great one, and due to its smaller size can easily accommodate a host of fine period aesthetics.

Shaker kitchens get their title from the United States religious movement of the same name, with a focus on simplicity in life being a hallmark of the beliefs of shakers. With the advent of pop art in the 1960’s and 70’s, shaker design exploded into the market for their distinct features and appearance. Soon enough, the idea of a minimal kitchen area that focused more on the artistic elements of the room, and less on modern virtues of space and sleekness, came to the fore in the 1980’s.

Shaker kitchen renovations are often characterised by five, easy-to-notice features, being:

  • Distinct bevelling on cabinets and cupboards
  • The incorporation of light coloured tones, such as cream or white
  • The incorporation of timber for every feature
  • The arrangement of a “galley” layout, with a cooking and preparation bench on either side
  • The utilisation of polished steel for both tap fixtures and drawer handles

Recently, with the Australian inner-city housing revolution welcoming smaller home and apartment plans, shaker kitchens have popped back into popularity, especially for those looking for a rustic feel to their household. They are also great for period homes, with the more traditional features that are associated with older, inner-city terrace houses tying in perfectly with the overall appearance of a shaker kitchen.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of shaker kitchens is – oddly enough – what they offer for those seeking a more contemporary and modern kitchen arrangement. The modern ethos of a clean and uncluttered space work well in shaker kitchens, where the kitchen itself is stripped to only its bare essentials. A more modern touch applied to the cabinetry, as opposed to the traditionally finely detailed shaker cabinets, can provide your home with a clean and crisp, kitchen finish.

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Do you like the idea of shaker kitchens? What makes them appealing to you? Drop us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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