Keeping Your Custom Bathroom Design Looking Great During Summer

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At some point, we’ve all had to unfortunately endure the ever daunting task of the bi-seasonal maintenance of our custom bathroom. At this time of the year, we tend to relax and enjoy the warm weather, content in ourselves that the household chores are done and dusted for at least a few months.

But did you know that there are still many things that can go drastically wrong during the hot summer months? With the extra strain on the system that the summer months inevitably bring, its more important than ever to keep a watchful eye on the maintenance of your bathroom.

It would be a shame to have all your hard work from last year’s bathroom renovations undone by climate extremes, so we’ve included a few things to look out for to ensure you can relax and watch the cricket. We’d also recommend taking a look at our article on how to clean your custom design bathroom for ongoing tips to keep your bathroom looking great all year round!

  • As the temperatures rise and rise, unavoidable expanding will occur to your tiles, making them susceptible to leaks as the grout is compromised. There is an unfortunate trend of people using sealers as a temporary solution if leaks do occur, tending to make the problem worse by creating a vacuum effect.

The only permanent solution is to have tile membrane fitted, which will ensure the tiles are   resistant to the temperature fluctuations, whilst at the same time protecting the grout from water   damage.

  • As pipes are prone to rupturing in cold conditions, so too are water heaters at risk of overheating in hot conditions. An overheated water tank will not only refuse to run hot water at all, but it will also dump the water in a similar fashion to an overflowing pot.

This is considerably hazardous, as, depending on its size and where the tank is located, a large   amount of water could irreparably damage any walls or flooring inside your bathroom. Keep an   eye on the thermometer in your water tank as this is the most common failing, and always try to    have old, outdated tanks replaced.

  • Shower usage in very high temperatures can be problematic if the room is not ventilated well enough, as any moisture left over will humidify the area in the intense heat. This can cause all sorts of nasty problems, such as bacteria buildup and damage to any untreated wood.

Keeping the shower curtain or shower screen clear of any drips will help immensely if ventilation   via a window or fan is not possible, although it is still recommended to buy even just a small,    electric fan for airing purposes.

Have you suffered any bathroom related catastrophes this summer? Or do you have your own bag    of tricks to share? Post a comment and let everyone know!

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