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Everyone struggles to clean their bathrooms properly, but have you ever thought that the solution to cleaning your bathroom is a lot more simpler than it sounds?

bathroom3Cleaning your bathroom is easy when it comes to your custom built bathrooms in Melbourne. If you are finding that the products that you are using just do not provide enough of a clean, then you should consider alternatives. Do not keep spending money on all sorts of different chemicals at the supermarket. Do not even waste time on chemicals that are not even environmentally friendly.

Rather, consider alternatives that are guaranteed to improve your custom design bathrooms. Everybody knows that nasty germs and bacteria reside in your bathroom, so it is best to ensure that the methods you use are very effective. The following methods are guaranteed to make a substantial difference to your bathroom:

  • Natural products are just as effective at cleaning your bathroom as chemicals, and healthier: Water and vinegar is a great idea for anything that is made of glass in your bathroom, soap scum and your tiles. For more stubborn grime, use baking soda and water.
    Otherwise, try to avoid anything containing chlorine or ammonia in it, as they are not good for the lungs or skin. They are also not good for people with asthma.
  • Each time you shower, make sure to use the ceiling vent fan, as this prevents mould from building up, as a result of the mist in your bathroom. Always keep your room ventilated
  • Consider using washable shower curtains, if you do not already have them. In this way, you do not have to clean them yourself.

Do you have your own ideas for cleaning your bathroom? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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