5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas that give a luxurious facelift:

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Bathroom renovations Melbourne
Renovating your bathroom to give a luxurious facelift can be an expensive affair but turns out as a excellent investment and adds to the resale value of your property. The bathroom is one of the most important places of your home/property that you can improve by utilizing the Bathroom Renovation Ideas as follow:

Timber Works:

Seen as a taboo for bathrooms, timber has found its way from vanity tops, ceiling features to full wall element. Mahogany, teak, cedar or even bamboo make great bathroom interior for that earthy look in your space. Choosing a sealant, however, is critical as it should ensure it doesn’t stain or warp.

Use Cooler Tones:

If you find yourself staring at the white walls of your bathroom, unsure about the colour which will suit the best, think of the colour wheel. The basic colour wheel is divided into two halves. While the warm half runs from red to yellow-green, the cool half runs from green through violet. Using cooler tones makes your bathroom look more hygienic, fresh and spacious. While using a mix of warm and cool also works for some as it makes that wall a clear focal point.

Bespoke bathroom tiles and floorings are in:

Create your own style by using bespoken floor and wall bathroom tiles and floorings. There is a range of options from tiles glass mosaic, shells, steel, glass and handmade tiles which add the wow factor to your space. With most of the designs never wearing off it is an investment worth thinking.

Get innovative in colours and layout:

Now that you have made up your mind on the kind it tiles you are after, it is time to get creative. Most interior designs will carefully tread on this huge white canvas available to play with.

Incorporate Nature:

Bringing the nature in just adds to the fresh appeal and hygiene you are trying to incorporate in your bathroom. Works well with almost all colours and textures, having the natural elements boosts the organic appeal and thereby brings in calmness and peace to your space.

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