How to plan a bathroom renovation. A step by step guide.

bathrooms in Melbourne

Bathroom renovations Melbourne

Step 1: Jot down your likes and dislikes.

A bathroom is a very personal space and when it comes to looking forward to a change, only you know what exactly you are looking for. Also since home renovations do involve quite a bit of money , it is important to be on the same page with your partner and have an open communication/ plan you can refer to time and again.

Step 2: Relook the current design.

Any renovation means hampering with the existing fittings. A bathroom renovation work involves both electrical and plumbing fittings you should understand well, before the next step.

Step 3: Get your hands dirty.

Well not exactly. We just mean to say, now it is time to get a pencil, paper and a measuring tape. This is to get the exact interior measurements-walls, windows and doors. This will not only help you get a close estimate from the bathroom renovator, it will also help you choose the new design.

Step 4: Start with the end in mind.

You need to be a bit forward looking really! Get an idea of what is the finishing touches you want to see once the work is over. Your choice of tiles, blinds and curtains, tap and light fittings will determine the final look of your space.

Step 5: Colour coding in 60:30:10 ratio.

This is a secret code which will make your renovated bathroom bring that punch. 60 percent of the bathroom space should be the base colour while 30 percent will be the mid-range colour while only 10 percent will be the bright and bold.

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