Top 5 Design Tips to Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom

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Renovating bathrooms is one of the aspirational projects to undertake. Unless you are a professional experienced renovator, you may feel clueless about any ideas over what works for your bathroom. Here are a few handy tips you could ponder before getting your bathroom renovation started.

Get an estimate.

Having a budget in mind for any project should be the first thing in mind. It may turn out very frustrating if you first have an idea, develop a plan around it and then realise that it may not work owing to your financial constraints.

Having a budget also helps you work around different materials you can use. It gives you an idea on what and where to compromise on your choices and where not to. Also remember that you should get a price estimate based on the dimensions and specifications of your bathroom rather than someone else’s.

Hide your toilet from the entrance.

This simple idea will make that difference you have always wanted. You would have realised that usually the bathroom door is left open and the site is not a very pleasant one. Having the toilet shifted out of the view of the entrance, will make it look hygienic, just because of this simple idea.

Visualise your lighting scheme.

The bathroom is very personal space and used most by the occupants. So you know best what works for your bathroom and what not. Choosing the correct light scheme changes the look and feel of your personal space. You could choose either ceiling light fittings of lights on the side walls.

Right height and size for your sink:

Whether you choose a corner sink or one in the centre, the height at which they are placed is critical. Sinks are places which get particularly messy if not the right size. No matter, if you have small children, adults or elders, an attempt to save cost on this front may not be a good idea.

Tiny bathtub or none at all are fine:

This one is especially if you are short of space in your bathroom. It is absolutely fine to choose a smaller size bathtub or have none at all for the next facelift you are planning for your bathroom. There are many apartments and units, who are choosing to just let go the tub as it gives you more room for vanity and fittings for other appliances.

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