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Now that you have your brand new, fantastic bathroom renovation in Melbourne from JLT, it’s time to make sure that the items and organisation of your bathroom cupboards are up to scratch.

This part is up to you.

Here are a few simple tips to follow.

Step 1. Get rid of what you don’t use

Remove everything from the cupboards, placing all items into a large tub or container to ensure that anything that may be leaking does not cause a mess.

We all think to ourselves every now and then that we “might use that one day”, but be realistic. Check for expiry dates on items, and throw away anything that is out of date.

Some things that are commonly unnecessary include:

  • Old shampoo bottles or lotions with only drops left
  • Expired makeup, or makeup that you will never use
  • Expired medications and ointments
  • Old toothbrushes and hairbrushes
  • Old, rusty razors
  • Anything that is mouldy and you don’t have time to clean
  • Things that don’t belong in a bathroom cupboard, such as magazines and cups.

Step 2. Sort it all out

Organise all of the items into piles in a way that will make them easier to find once placed back into the cupboard. Group all hair products together, along with the same for lotions, soaps and first aid items.

Step 3. Give everything a clean

Wipe down any items that are dirty, including tops and lids that may have hardened product. While you have everything out of the cupboard, wipe down the inside of the cupboard thoroughly with a warm wet cloth. Once clean, wipe down the cupboard with a dry cloth or towel, making sure everything is dry.

Leave the cupboard doors open to allow for air to dry the cupboard while you do the next steps.

Step 4. Store and organise

Now that you’ve separated every item into relevant piles, it’s time to make sure they stay organised once placed back.
If you have any trays or caddies available to use, they are a great way to store everything neatly and organised. They will also help keep the shelves and the bathroom cupboard itself dry and clean.

Step 5. Label the trays

If you’re a stickler for organisation like we are, you can now label each tray or caddy with stickers, or perhaps a label maker.

Step 6. Make sure it stays organised

You’ve come this far, now it’s time to pull together a little bit of discipline to ensure that your now organised and clean cupboard stays this way. This will stop the need for you doing all of these steps again in the near future.

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