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Choosing the right tiles for your upcoming bathroom renovation can be daunting. Tiles play a huge part in the overall look and feel of any bathroom’s look and feel.

Here are a few pointers for making your tile selection a little easier.

1. Keep it to a selection of 3 tiles

Typically bathrooms will have a tile for the floor, a different tile for the shower and perhaps another design for the walls.

Use your favourite tile as the starting point, and proceed to work off that design when selecting the rest of your tile designs.

If you’re first choice tile is a little plain, perhaps add a colorful accent tile to change it up and add some interest. Alternatively, if your must have tile is unique and bold, make the other two designs simple.

2. Stick to one feature tile

As we said briefly in point 1, don’t have all of your tiles competing with each other for the attention. Your feature tile design can be either large or small, usually covering either the floor or the walls. There are countless beautiful bathroom tile designs on the market, and this is your chance to show off some of your unique personality.

You’re going to spend plenty of time in your bathroom over the years, so you may as well enjoy it. By choosing one bold feature tile design to rule the bathroom, you will create a timeless look.

3. Think about the cleaning aspect of your decision

Let’s be honest, cleaning a bathroom is on of life’s all-time tedious chores. There’s nothing worse than spending a perfectly good weekend cleaning your bathroom. It’s time that nobody can get back.

As fantastic as you want your new tiling to look, also take into consideration the future maintenance that will be involved in keeping them looking top notch.

When it comes to low-maintenance tiling, porcelain and ceramic tiles are great (just make sure to double check whether or not they will need to be sealed). Natural stone tiles typically require more maintenance , and will have to be sealed due to being more porous.

If you have your heart set on stone tiling, it may be worthwhile considering placing them in areas where water is less abundant.

If glass is on your list, just make sure that it doesn’t end up as your main floor tiling, or you may need to buy some health insurance with your new tiling. Glass tiling is very slippery when wet.

4. Think of the size

Larger tiles are the trendy thing these days when it comes to bathroom renovations in Melbourne. If that’s the direction that you think you are headed, it’s possible to use the same tile design in a smaller cut throughout other areas of the bathroom.

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