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Bathroom vanity fixtures play a vital role in any bathroom design, both in they way they look and how they are intended to function. A vanity functions differently than a regular toilet or tap unit due to the fact that plumbing becomes can be a concern.
Options for bathroom vanity units in Melbourne

Bathroom vanity units are available in a wide range of designs, colours and sizes.

Wall hung vanity units are very popular within many modern homes in Melbourne, while floor standing units are still popular in their own right.

If you’re looking to maximise floor space, wall-hung units are great, however this can mean more work, as plumbing that is generally placed within the cabinet will need to be hidden.

Floor standing units may not have the same ultra modern appeal, but they will afford you extra storage space and eliminate the need to hide plumbing.

Important things to consider

Regardless of the type of vanity you opt for, there are a few important things to consider:

  • Ensure that everything is sized correctly, it may seem a given, but often people fall in love with a vanity, without realising that it just won’t fit. This has cost people excessive money in the past, with customisations that could have otherwise been avoided.
  • Make sure that you have all details documented before payment is made, including colours, functionality, etc. You may not be able to swap it for something else, particularly if you’ve opted for a custom bathroom vanity. It’s worth documenting everything including receipts, warranty documents, and any emails. This will secure you against any manufacturing flaws.
  • There are generally two choices for vanity units when it comes to material. These include China tops and polymarble. Both of these are durable materials, but there are differences worth noting. Polymarble vanity tops are generally cheaper, however are more prone to scratching and wear. China tops are more resistant to scratches, however are a lot more difficult and expensive to repair should damage occur.
  • Consider where your pipes are located. Pipes under the flooring can make it very difficult to install a wall hung bathroom vanity unit. In the same way, pipes that run through walls may interfere with the installation of a floor standing vanity units.

Still got some questions?

Get in touch with our team here at JLT Renovations, we have professionally installed bathroom vanity units in Melbourne for over 20 years.

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