From Rain Showers to Coloured Basins- Top Ten Bathroom Design Trends in Australia

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Do you want to know what’s next in the world of bathroom design? Look no further if you want a complete transformation from an outdated to a modern, stylish bathroom. From coloured tapware to skylights and more, we’re here to share the top design trends that can give you new ideas for bathroom renovation in Melbourne. Let’s dive in!

Top Bathroom Design Trends You can Watch Out for in 2023

Bathroom renovation in Melbourne can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but we are sure that following design trends will certainly make you think of renovating your bathroom.

1) Rain Showers

They are made for giving a refreshing, enjoyable, and calming bathing experience. A wide-head rain shower has everything to add extra luxury to the bathroom. It’s an opulent way to upgrade the ambience of your bathroom with dual attachments. What does it mean? Well, you can readily choose from an overhead spray or a more direct spray. Simply put, if you have money to spend, you can enhance the bathroom with a wide-head rain shower.

2) Skylights

When it comes to brightening up the space in the bathroom, skylights can be the best choice. They let plenty of natural light enter the bathroom to make it look more shining and inviting. Apart from adding a visual element, skylights can create a natural and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. You should keep a provision for skylights when you go for a bathroom renovation in Melbourne. It will make a small area seem bigger as well.

3) Coloured Tapware

Wish to make a statement in your bathroom? You can do so during a bathroom renovation in Melbourne by putting in coloured taps and showerheads. Coloured tapware can give your bathroom a new style and designer look with a fresh upgrade. Coloured taps have vibrant hues that make your bathroom look brighter and more enticing.

A recent bathroom design trend is monochromatic bathrooms with colourful accessories like taps and basins. A whole range of coloured tapware is available with many options. From light pastels to dark brass and gunmetal grey to matte black, you can select the tapware that suits your bathroom design and its overall appearance. Your coloured tapware will look timeless and stylish together!

4) Statement Walls

As the name suggests, statement walls can make a bold statement that one can see from almost anywhere in the room. As a popular design choice, these walls can make your bathroom look more elegant. Statement walls are often the centrepiece of any interior space.

Even though staying behind the vanity and mirrors, a statement wall can give a visually pleasant experience and add personality to the bathroom. A single-coloured wall like a daring matte black or romantic pastel pink can make all the difference. What’s more, if you want to stand your bathroom out, you can go for an artful pattern.

5) Coloured Basins

Do you want to give your bathroom a bright and vibrant look? Coloured basins can serve this purpose. They come in multiple colours, shapes, and sizes, and you can choose the one as per your taste. Coloured basins have a great visual impact. Luxurious bathrooms can have basins with modern shapes and styles.

Traditionally, bathrooms have a sink that fits into the bench of the vanity. However, as per the latest design trend, basins remain a standalone, separate feature. They often come in a range of pastel and monochromatic colours. You can visit a showroom to see the variety of basins by yourself.

6) Backlit Mirrors

It is difficult to imagine a luxurious bathroom without backlit mirrors. They give excellent illumination and a stylish appearance while creating a rich and ambient atmosphere in your bathroom. Backlit mirrors are ideal if you want to add a touch of sophistication after having a bathroom renovation in Melbourne.

The trend of backlit mirrors is not new, but it is here to stay in 2023 and beyond. If you want to give your bathroom a luxurious and expensive look, backlighting can work wonders. It can transform your bathroom vanity irrespective of its shape and size. When a backlit mirror is mounted on a dark statement wall, it looks eye-catching.


Flowers and plants can give fresh, natural fragrance in any place in your home, and bathrooms are also no exception! You can enjoy a tranquil environment with flowers and plants in your bathroom. A serenity of plants can enhance the value of your indoor space. When you add greenery to your bathroom, you can get the pleasant feeling and rich visual experience that you haven’t thought of ever.

You can use indoor plants and flowers to make your bathroom more inviting and comfortable. You can consider orchids as they have white flowers and dark green leaves that make the monochrome trend more impactful and bring positive vibes.

8)White Hue

White is an evergreen choice in colours. When we think of decoration, traditional white can be a wonderful choice because of its classic, timeless, and highly adaptive characteristics. Whether you like a minimalistic look or want to opt for a bolder statement during bathroom renovation in Melbourne, traditional white can adapt easily to any interior design.

Okay! You may think of a typical hospital bathroom when considering a white hue, right? You can just throw these misconceptions out. In fact, the white shade on the white bathroom can add style and grace while giving everlasting sophistication. You can consider adding personal distinction by using texture and even indoor plants.

9) Shower Benches

Mostly, shower benches are aimed at giving extra support when taking a shower. Elderly people and persons who are not so mobile to bathe safely can get the support of shower benches. These benches can reduce the risk of slips or falls in the bathroom, which is also beneficial for elderly and handicapped people.

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that shower benches can be a practical yet stylish addition to the bathroom. They can be used to store toiletries as well as a spot to relax. If you have difficulty standing upright for a long time, you can consider installing a shower bench.

10) Bath Caddies

Are you fond of a long soak in the bath? If yes, you will definitely like bath caddies. They are just perfect for keeping candles, soaps, and other toiletries that you need for a refreshing morning or relaxing evening in the bath. Bath caddies make sure that all your essential bathing needs always remain close to you. What you get is an enjoyable and luxurious time unwinding in the tub!

A bath caddy is useful to store any necessary thing you find! Yes, you can keep a book, wine, soap, and razors, just anything you find necessary to make your bathing experience rich and pleasant. The unfinished wood look can make a chic addition to any set-up in your bathroom.

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