Kitchens Ideas For The Festive Season

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations
Making new year’s resolutions to revamp home kitchens in Melbourne and going on a homewares-shopping spree is something many people do at this time of the year.

JLT Renovations understand that planning kitchen renovations in Melbourne and decorating your house during this time of year can be daunting. Are you troubled with questions like what to do and where to start? We’ve got the answers! Kitchen renovations need not be the entire remodelling of your kitchen. Adding a vibe of festiveness can also contribute to the kitchen makeover. The first thing you should be doing is preparing a remodelling checklist.

Let’s help you with some elements that present ideas for the perfect kitchen renovation this festive season. Keep reading and catch the concepts!

Renovating your kitchen drawer appears to be a daunting task. But, you can add some organising trays to store regular utilities. Putting your kitchen drawers in order can give it a little makeover for the festive season.

Kitchen Sink
You can do more than you imagine with your kitchen sink with the variety of options available in the market. Classic or modern, we can help you choose what suits your kitchen aesthetics. A kitchen sink with pull-down faucets can be appealing and functional.

Dining Area
Nothing is more attentive for families during the festive season then a dining area. You can add a drop-off dining table when you plan to host a Christmas party. The expandable table enables you to accommodate more people and lets you make memories to relive for the rest of the year.

Kitchen Cabinets
Cabinets are the attraction of every kitchen. So, when you plan to give your kitchen a makeover, don’t forget to consider closets. You can pick a colour palette that blends in with the walls or pick contrasting colours that allow the cupboards to stand out.

Once you have worked on the cabinets, sinks, and other important elements, it is time to add a touch of decor and plan to prepare some delicious meals for the festive season. Here we present some ideas to welcome guests and wow them this festive season.

A Festive Dinner
Do you wish to make your kitchen feel festive this holiday season? Consider hosting a large family gathering and preparing a special dinner. Scented candles in seasonal scents like cinnamon, nutmeg, or pine are best to spice up your festive dinner table. Serve a traditional roast with all the fixings while adding a seasonal flair to your table with Christmas-themed table decorations. Don’t forget about dessert! A holiday-themed dessert will make your dinner complete.

Seasonal Baking
Get into the holiday spirit by doing some seasonal baking. Make some gingerbread cookies or Christmas strawberry cake. Whatever you bake, be sure to add some festive decorations. Red and green icing, sprinkles, and Christmas-shaped cookies will help you get into the holiday mood.

Holiday Cocktails
What would the holidays be without some festive cocktails? Get into the spirit by whipping up some eggnog or mulled wine. If you want something adventurous, give the Christmas pudding cocktail a try. Whatever you prepare, toast to the holidays with your loved ones!

No one will turn down dinner at your place when served in style! After all, a disciplined kitchen can always hold what you need when you need it. So whatever your plans are for the holidays, make sure to invite your friends and family to your home and cook meals for them in your kitchen during the festivities.

JLT Difference With Kitchen Renovation Across Melbourne

JLT Renovations can help you spice up your festival with a few simple touches in the kitchen!

  • Attention to detail
  • Signature kitchen designs
  • Custom-made renovation solutions
  • From concept to completion management
  • Ultra-modern appliances and materials
  • Awarded kitchen designers

You have got that decorating and preparing the kitchen for the festive holidays is a great way to get into the festive spirit. So, hang some festive towels and aprons, and put up some holiday-themed decorations. Call us at 1300 400 939 or send your enquiries to to plan your kitchen renovations in Melbourne.

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