The Do’s and Don’ts for a Perfect Bathroom Renovation

Perfect Bathroom Renovations

Perfect Bathroom Renovations

A planned bathroom renovation in Melbourne can transform dated bathrooms into something exquisite yet functional. JLT Renovations understands that bathroom renovation is daunting until you follow an appropriate approach to make them appear seamless and hassle-free.

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation in Melbourne and don’t know where to start, JLT Renovations can help you with some do’s and don’ts to consider.

The DON’Ts

Don’t Forget to Consider Your Budget

Once you’ve got a clear idea about what you want for your bathroom renovation in Melbourne, it is wise to consider a budget. Set a realistic allocation of finances to spend and get to know how much it could actually cost. We know it is quite an unpleasant task but having clarity on how much to spend on what helps you understand which part of a bathroom renovation is feasible.

Believe us, there are certain things you can choose that line up with your budget. Looking for one of the best yet most affordable bathroom renovation experts is one way to avoid spending much and still renovating bathrooms in Melbourne. Get quotes, decide whom to hire, and purchase supplies from a local wholesaler to get renovation materials at reasonable costs.

Don’t Rush Your Timeline

The most prominent thing expected from people opting for bathroom renovations is employing the best bathroom renovators. Now, explain the budget, give a detailed description of the requirements, and allow them to reflect on it.

Beware! There are fair chances of getting cheaper quotes from builders, but they won’t give you turnkey services. One should spend enough time deciding whom to hire for their most awaited bathroom remodelling and remember not to rush on the timeline. Quick timeframes can deliver jobs that are not done accurately and renovations that might not last for long.

Don’t Overdo It

There are fair chances that you will overdo it if you go out to town and purchase something pricey. This is very obvious when some homeowners find it difficult to ignore the current trends and their situation. They also don’t realise that what they like to purchase now won’t be suitable in the future. So, make sure you don’t splurge on high-end fixtures and then come to know that you don’t have much to spend on essential parts of bathroom renovation. Spend your finances on what is noteworthy.

Don’t Forget Cabinets

We understand that one wishes to have a sleek bathroom design but forgetting about bathroom cabinets is not a good choice. Bathroom cabinets are one solid feature of bathroom renovation that goes unnoticed but adding extra space for storage is crucial. People renovating their bathrooms shall never forget about installing closets to store additional toiletries or a few guest towels. You can also find an organiser that fits into the bathroom aesthetic. Connect with us to employ our talented bathroom renovators to help you with your bathroom renovations in Melbourne. Our bathroom renovators will ensure your bathroom upgrade is stylish and practically functional.

The DO’s

Start With a Plan

Ideal bathroom makeovers need a little planning and foresight. Plan what you want to achieve with your bathroom renovation in Melbourne. You can narrow the desirable look and function of your bathroom by reviewing multiple design and style options of bathroom designs. Also, make a list of things that you do not like in the existing bathroom setup. Now, hire bathroom renovators and explain what troubles you and what kind of changes you have thought of to eliminate the issue. Give them time to propose a bathroom design that meets your expectations.

Focus on Ventilation

Moisture can take a toll on bathroom finishes. So, don’t ignore ventilation and allow dampness to breed mould and mildew. Bathroom ducted exhaust fans and wall ventilations are an effective solution to damp air in bathrooms. If it is impossible to add ventilation, try adding humidity sensors which can automatically turn on and off based on the moisture they sense in the air.

Keep The Future In Mind

Many people find it challenging to look past the trending layouts for bathroom renovations. However, you should prefer a contemporary bathroom plan that can attract buyers if you want to sell your home shortly. On the other hand, when you’re planning on using an upgraded bathroom for years, you should be adventurous with the bathroom layout designs.

Hire a Renovation Expert

Experience is paramount, whether you plan to renovate your bathroom for resale or to make it better for regular use. And working on bathroom renovations by yourself can be dealing with a wrench, screwdriver, paintbrush, caulk gun and roller without knowing their utilisation. Therefore, it is always wise to hire bathroom renovators skilled in using the products, cutting and laying tiles in the required shape.

Have you made up your mind to hire bathroom renovation experts in Melbourne? JLT bathroom Renovations and the team of experts working with us can ensure you achieve the transformation you have planned for bathroom renovations. Drop us a line at or call us at 1300 400 939 to get a free quote.

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