The New Bathroom Design Ideas for Upcoming Spring

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Spring is traditionally a busy time for renovation companies and material suppliers. Many new bathroom design ideas and products come out during this period. With the season now just a month away, we’ve collected the very best of the new bathroom renovation ideas for renovating your bathroom that we think will prove to be popular. This year’s themes revolve around smooth lines and replicating retro looks and styles.

Above counter basins

Above counter basins have seen a revival in popularity for bathroom renovations, and this Spring there are many more different designs to choose from. Focusing on smooth lines, many of these above counter basins are either circular or in an odd, yet distinctive shape. There has also been a new design idea which focuses on matching the shape of your bathtub and basin. Many new bathtub designs are reflecting the unusual, round shapes of these basins.

Oversized shower heads

Also known as Italian shower heads, these larger fixtures are designed to provide fantastic comfort. Their instantly noticeable shape will fit in perfectly with contemporary styled bathrooms, and come in a wide variety of metallic materials for you to choose from. There are also a host of fantastic features that come with these fixtures, too. You can buy an oversized shower head that can play music and radio, as well as performing a relaxing steam jet.

The colour white

You may remember us writing about the colour white and it’s fantastic properties recently. Most of the new trends that are coming out for the Spring season are all adorned in white, with accompanying chrome trim and fixtures. This particular look can not only provide you with an ultra modern bathroom, but also make the area appear larger than what it is. White can also compliment older themed bathrooms quite well.

Wood features

Treated wood features are also amongst the new trends. Timber is very distinctive when it is installed into a bathroom. We’ve seen countertops and even medicine cabinets that are either made completely out of wood, or have timber trimming. Both faded and rich coloured timbers feature in the new look Spring trends, and can help to draw focus to key areas of the room. Wooden benches are also starting to appear in modern bathroom makeovers.

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Do you like the new Spring trends that are coming up in 2015? Share your thoughts on what you thought was great by posting a comment below, we’re keen to hear from you!

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