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Bathroom Renovations Prahran

This article may seem long winded but these are all critical points to ensure you don’t just get a good looking bathroom but one that looks good and will stand the test of time.

Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous operators out there that will take advantage of people who do not have detailed knowledge in the building industry by ways of offering prices that are too good to be true and usually are. They take short cuts and compromise the quality and warranty of works being done to achieve these extreme lower prices.

Does the quote clearly state what you are getting for your money?

Has the quotation you received been broken down into items and there allowances per item? E.G. $1000 for vanity (what make and model, supplier, warranty, etc.

There can also be hidden extra costs in the renovation its self. Be sure of what you are getting for your money before you sign anything.

Questions to ask before choosing a renovator:

Are the staff full time and qualified tradesmen or sub-contractors?

This will make a big difference to quality, warranty works and the overall finish to your project.


  • Is the whole room being stripped out so as rotted timbers can be replaced and walls can be straightened for plastering and tiling finishes?
  • Are they installing a new floor? As a solid foundation builds a quality project.
  • Are they using existing, re fitting timbers, architraves and skirts or replacing with new?


  • Are registered plumbers being used to carry out your works? And is a plumbing certificate being provided?
  • Are they replacing hot and cold water pipes?
  • Are they upgrading sewer pipes from 80mm to 100 mm as per Australian standards?
  • Are they replacing old gall waste pipes


  • Are they using registered electricians? And is a compliance certificate being provided?
  • Are they using new wiring and switches?
  • Are they upgrading power boxes with safety switched if required?
  • Are they using quality products with 12 month minimum warranties?


  • Are they replacing all wall and ceiling plaster or are they patching room? Patching could lead to cracking in plaster walls and tiling
  • Are they using blue wet area plaster board?


  • Are they a registered water proofer? If not there is no warranty.
  • Are they waterproofing the whole floor for upstairs bathrooms as per Australian Standards?
  • Are they waterproofing bath hobs and surrounds?

Tiled shower bases? 

Tiled shower bases are very much in vogue and are very practical and aesthetically pleasing. However, if foundations and tiling are not done properly they can lead to water damage, tiles lifting or falling off and rendering the shower unusable. 

What to look for during the process of forming a tiled shower base!


  1. Aqua check sheet in bottom of shower, 19mm, Not chip board or cement sheet 6mm
  2. Poly urethane to all joins, corners and screw heads
  3. Apply first coat of waterproof membrane to wall, shower base and surrounds
  4. Screed to falls to ensure flow of water to waste / drain

(Must dry / cure for around 3 days)

  1. Apply waterproof membrane to screed
  2. Final coat of waterproof membrane to walls, base and surrounds 

Note: To do a tiled shower base correctly it will take 5 to 6 days, you only get one chance to get it right!


  • Are they using quality tradesmen?

Note: This is the finish to your room!

  • Are they using the right adhesives for your job?


  • Are they using 100% matching silicon or are they using corking colour?

E.G. 100% silicon repels water and seals corners, doesn’t discolour or go mouldy.

E.G. Corking colour is a water base product and breaks down in a short time and does discolour and go mouldy.

  • Are they sealing all corners with silicon or just the bath and shower


  • Warranty and back up?
  • Parts and servicing?

You should be looking for products which have a 5 year warranty on parts and labour.

JLT Renovations provide a quotation with an overall price, other than unforseen major structural defects or changes to original quotation, no hidden charges.

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