How to Plan Your Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne When You are on a Tight Budget

Bathroom Renovations Prahran

Homeowners are spending lavishly to upgrade their residential spaces, despite the struggling economy which indicates their confidence in long-term prospects. Why we give such importance to home improvement projects? Not just for making our residence more beautiful and comfortable, but also it leads to increase the market value of your property.

For instance, let us talk about bathroom renovations in Melbourne. To redo your existing bath spaces and transform it into something trendy and chic is going to be a daunting prospect. So what we can do is, plan the project carefully by considering the practical and decorative elements. Your dream of a spa-like bathroom is possible, only if you are able to define your vision.

Here are some bathroom renovation ideas and choices that will give a complete makeover to your showering area without breaking the budget.

The devil is in the details: The idiom says it all. No matter whether you are planning a minor replacement or complete overhaul, pay attention to every single detail, as the beauty and function lies in the details.

A new splash of colour: No other option can be more cost effective than repainting your bathroom interiors. Interior paint chipping, paint flake off and similar problems can be resolved by adding a new coat of shade. Think outside the box and try some new colour combinations and textures to make it more appealing.

Glass is no longer fragile: If you can shell out more bucks, glass decor is an impeccable choice for your custom build bathrooms in Melbourne.  Go for shower screens, splashbacks or even frosted glass partitions to bring a luxury feel to your bathroom.

A place for everything and everything in its place: This is what you need to follow to have an uncluttered and spacious bathroom area. So choose cabinets, countertops and other bathroom decor understanding the space limitations and storage needs.

Let your imaginations run wild when devising big or small bathroom renovations in Melbourne. Don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance and services from JLT Renovations, as we are always glad to help you out.  Have any unique ideas to share with us? Share it in comments. Happy Renovation!!

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