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Kitchen Flooring: How to choose the right type for your needs

As far as coming up with kitchen design ideas goes, choosing the right flooring is perhaps the most difficult of them all. Whilst the decision will largely come down to particular tastes and whether you want a more homely feel or a modern one, there are also practical issues to consider. Today in this article, we’re going to be discussing the many benefits and negatives behind both wooden and tiled floors.

Let’s start off with wooden floors. On top of adding a distinctively rustic feeling to your overall kitchen renovation, wooden floors can also help to make this area of many metal appliances feel less cold. Wooden floors are also popular with those that own period era homes, and wood will assist your new renovation in blending in with the rest of your home. Wooden floors are also the preferred option for those seeking a sleek, polished look.

Wooden flooring, however, isn’t without its drawbacks. On top of not being the most eco-friendly choice on the market, wooden flooring can also cost a pretty penny. They will also require a lot of care, as untreated water deposits will rot the timber being used. However, if you aren’t put off by cost or having to look after it regularly, then wooden floors will repay themselves in no time due to their natural beauty.

Tiled floors, depending on the type, can be much more affordable, and are therefore more open to a wide variety of differing budgets. Tiles give off a pleasing, sleek appearance, and will do wonders for all white kitchens, or an ultra modern home design. Kitchen tiles nowadays are made to be almost unbreakable, meaning you’ll get great value out of them for a long time to come.

Tiled floors ultimately mean that you will have to be careful around the kitchen, however. Whilst the actual floor will prove to be durable, any glassware or plates dropped onto it will not. Tiles can also pose a variety of health hazards if not taken care of almost immediately. Wet tiles will make the area prone to slippage, and any dropped food can create a culture for various bacteria to form, such as salmonella.
Whilst both have their many pros and cons, it’s always important to choose what you want, as ultimately it is your ideal kitchen design that is coming through. Our consultants can help with planning kitchen renovations Melbourne wide, and we also do custom bathroom designs too! Call in and see our friendly team today, and let us help you plan your dream kitchen or bathroom renovation with our expert knowledge and wide experience.

The new trends for this upcoming Spring

Spring is traditionally a busy time for renovation companies and material suppliers. Many new bathroom design ideas and products come out during this period. With the season now just a month away, we’ve collected the very best of the new bathroom renovation ideas for renovating your bathroom that we think will prove to be popular. This year’s themes revolve around smooth lines and replicating retro looks and styles.

Above counter basins

Above counter basins have seen a revival in popularity for bathroom renovations, and this Spring there are many more different designs to choose from. Focusing on smooth lines, many of these above counter basins are either circular or in an odd, yet distinctive shape. There has also been a new design idea which focuses on matching the shape of your bathtub and basin. Many new bathtub designs are reflecting the unusual, round shapes of these basins.

Oversized shower heads

Also known as Italian shower heads, these larger fixtures are designed to provide fantastic comfort. Their instantly noticeable shape will fit in perfectly with contemporary styled bathrooms, and come in a wide variety of metallic materials for you to choose from. There are also a host of fantastic features that come with these fixtures, too. You can buy an oversized shower head that can play music and radio, as well as performing a relaxing steam jet.

The colour white

You may remember us writing about the colour white and it’s fantastic properties recently. Most of the new trends that are coming out for the Spring season are all adorned in white, with accompanying chrome trim and fixtures. This particular look can not only provide you with an ultra modern bathroom, but also make the area appear larger than what it is. White can also compliment older themed bathrooms quite well.

Wood features

Treated wood features are also amongst the new trends. Timber is very distinctive when it is installed into a bathroom. We’ve seen countertops and even medicine cabinets that are either made completely out of wood, or have timber trimming. Both faded and rich coloured timbers feature in the new look Spring trends, and can help to draw focus to key areas of the room. Wooden benches are also starting to appear in modern bathroom makeovers.

JLT Renovations is the leading provider of bathroom renovations Melbourne wide, and we service both inner and outer suburb areas. Contact us today by calling 1300 400 939, or by filling out an enquiry form, and ask us what we can do to help you create the bathroom you’ve always wanted.
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How to choose the right handles for your kitchen cabinets

We’ve been touching base on the benefits of a perfectly designed kitchen in recent weeks. Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the smallest, yet arguably most important aspects of any kitchen renovation or design procedure – cabinet handles.

Cabinet handles can make or break kitchen renovations, which in itself has a touch of irony due to their size. Poorly chosen handles will not only distract from the positive elements of your kitchen, but they will also severely affect the functionality and layout of the area itself. Below, we’ve included four aspects to consider when choosing kitchen handles, which will improve accessibility and help you realise your initial kitchen design ideas in full.


Whilst you may have your heart set on a particular style of cabinet knobs, it’s important to ensure that they fit in with your kitchen’s overall aesthetics. For example, those elegant wrought iron handles will look out of place if you’re seeking a contemporary kitchen. Keep the idea of how you want the finished product to look in your mind, and choose accordingly.


With cabinet knobs, if the price is too good to be true, it normally is. Whilst it may look as good as its more expensive counterparts, it may not be conditioned against wear and tear. Another thing to look out for is the strength of the handle screws. We’ve seen many DIY kitchen renovations in Melbourne literally fall apart with weak or short screws.


Whilst you may like a particular style of handle, it may not be accessible to your specific needs. Aspects of handles that can impact the function of your kitchen can include handles that are too big, too slippery to grasp, or reflect too much light. You should hold the handle when it’s on display as if you were using it. This will give you a better idea of how user-friendly it will be in your home.


Have you ever had your beautiful cabinets installed into your kitchen, only to find out that when they open, the handles clunk into one another? This is a common occurrence in many renovations, and it always helps to ask that your renovation team installs the handles only after the cabinets have been fitted. This will allow you to get a better idea of what position will best suit your handles.

JLT Renovations is a leading provider of kitchen and bathroom renovations Melbourne wide. Our experience in cabinet making can ensure that you will be getting handles that will fit into your style, as well as be accessible for all that use your kitchen. Contact us today on 1300 400 939 to enquire about our services, and what we can do to create your ideal interior.

So tell us below, what’s your favourite style of handles?

Looking for a colourful kitchen renovation? Why not try white?

Whilst the distinctive, pastel shades of 1950’s kitchen appliances once again becomes popular, we thought we’d talk about a timeless classic – white kitchens. White kitchens, out of all of the predominant kitchen styles, have always been at the forefront of renovation trends. This is in part due to the attractive, blank canvas that they provide homeowners for further decoration and exploration of this vital, interior space.

But what exactly has made white kitchens so endearing for over five generations? Below, you will find a short list of some of the many great benefits that a white kitchen space can offer your home. We have been providing magnificent renovations for over a decade, with our keen eye for superb design and efficiency in installation, making us one of the most reputed providers of kitchen renovations in Melbourne.

Enforcing an easier transition

Modern kitchen design ideas revolve around the necessity of the contemporary kitchen to be an area without definition, with the greater kitchen and dining setting needing to be flexible in purpose. A white colour scheme can mean anything, in essence, and as such is ideal for creating that grand area for important gatherings and special occasions. White also makes the room seem bigger, and can enhance the first impression of your kitchen renovation.

Showcases an infinite amount of styles

White, rather uniquely, can effortlessly become the base of a number of different styles and appearances. From shaker kitchens, to more grandiose and antiquated visuals, and even ultra modern styles, a white colour scheme can accommodate any type of kitchen that you can think of. White also blends in perfectly with other shades, so even if you prefer a colourful kitchen, a splash of white could add a great deal of artistic depth.

Sophistication and glamour

It is no coincidence that we frequently associate white with tones of elegance, class and sophistication. For centuries, white has communicated these qualities seamlessly, and if a sleek kitchen is what you’re after, then a white colour scheme will deliver that to you in spades. White also works well with a material which is also effective in communicating the same attributes – timber finishes. As a result, a combination of wooden cabinets and white can work together to create the perfect kitchen style for you.

We are the experts when it comes to taking your kitchen and bathroom design ideas, and bringing them to reality. Contact us today on 1300 440 939 to see how we can help with your own bathroom or kitchen interior renovations, and don’t forget to let us know what you think about white kitchens by posting a comment below.

Three great ways to incorporate listello tiles into your new renovation design

Listello tiles, made famous by the distinctive and picturesque mosaic designs of the antiquated era, have made somewhat of a resurgence recently in kitchens and bathrooms across the country. These tiles come in an extensive variety of materials, colours, and even sizes, and are uniquely suited to be incorporated in numerous areas of the home, where they can add to the interior design of the home.

Listello tiles are a particular favourite to work with for experts in bathroom and kitchen renovations, owing in part to their relatively easy manufacturing process and their likewise simple installation procedure. Below, we’ve come up with three fantastic ways to utilise the aesthetic qualities of listello tiles in the design of your kitchen or bathroom renovations. As always, the friendly team at JLT are on hand to provide you with any additional information that you may require about listello tiles, or any other type of tile for that matter.

Feature strips

Followers of this blog will remember us discussing the usefulness of incorporating feature strips into your bathroom design ideas, of which listello tiles can emphasise to a stunningly high level of detail. Listello tiles can predominantly display intricate patterns in superb fashion, and using these in the form of a feature strip on cabinet edges, shower walls or even underneath vanities, can add an extra edge to your interior aesthetics.

Floor surfaces


Previously, using the traditional form of listellos as a floor surface was effectively impossible, lest the homeowners enjoyed the feeling of sharp stones underneath their feet. Enhanced manufacturing processes, on top of improved materials used for varnished surfaces, have now meant that you can have the great visual of a beautiful listello mosaic, incorporated into a lovely, smooth surface.




With the increased popularity of building vanity sections into the wall, the necessity to retain definement of the section has likewise followed by rising substantially. Tiled borders are not only an easy option – given their relatively high cost-effectiveness – but can also look fantastic in a newly renovated setting. A listello tile border will not only provide this distinctiveness from the rest of the bathroom, but it will also add an extra dimension to the appearance of your renovation.


The experts in kitchen and bathroom renovations


At JLT Renovations, we have an extensive range of brilliant tiles and tile applications – including listellos – that will provide you with a powerful tool to conceptualise your custom bathroom and kitchen designs. Call us today on 1300 440 939 to speak to one of our renovation consultants, and let us help you create your ideal home interior.


Have you ever used listello tiles before? Were you happy with their overall appearance?

Planning your new kitchen renovation? Read this first!

Kitchens are quickly becoming the most important area in the home, and now garners as much focus in home inspections as the bed or living room traditionally do. Spurring this heightened attention that the kitchen now gets, has been the renovation revolution on television, with famous shows almost solely devoted to both new and old renovations of the home.

With all that in mind, you’re probably thinking that now is the right time to start conceptualising your very own kitchen design ideas, but with so much to consider, where do you actually start? Below, we’ve listed a few key tips and areas to look at when planning kitchen renovations. Each of these tips will help you, to not only be able to move ahead quicker, but to get a better idea of how you want your area to look.


Arguably the most important aspect of any design, always keep in mind that your kitchen renovation will be for you and your family. This idea of personalisation is also more involved than just what colours everyone likes. Consider how you work in the area, where you prefer your white goods to be placed, and even smaller details, such as where you stack your plates after use.

Dining room nearby?

For those of us who are lucky to have a large dining area attached to the kitchen for everyone to enjoy, you may wish to consider combining both to create one large feature area. A greater cooking and dining area is high on the wishlist of thousands of potential homebuyers, offering a unique area for special occasions and large gatherings. An open floor plan, or an island bench, tend to work best in creating this important area.


Many people often neglect the impact that a carefully considered lighting system can provide for their new kitchen. Adequate lighting is essential, as it can ensure that your work is made easier, as well as perfectly showcase every fine detail of the beauty of your newly renovated kitchen. Try to picture which type of lighting will work best for you, then seek to tie that in with any particular style of lighting or lamp shades that you prefer.

Own the process

This is your kitchen, being moulded in your image, so don’t be afraid to take the reigns of the design! Write down everything that you want to change in your new design, and edit it so that it complies with your budget, and any other constraints that there may be.

JLT Renovations are the premier providers of unique, striking and attractive kitchen renovations Melbourne wide, and we are on hand to help you with any queries you may have regarding the overall process. We also specialise in custom bathrooms, having created stunning bathroom spaces in Melbourne’s inner city and outer suburbs. Call us today on 1300 400 939 to speak to one of our renovation experts, and see how we can revitalise your home interior.

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Choosing the most adequate lighting for your kitchen renovation

We spend thousands of dollars on our kitchen renovations, ensuring that the final product perfectly reflects the hard work and time that was put into its initial design. Many people, however, are neglecting to focus on what, perhaps, is the most integral element of any kitchen renovation – the lighting. Particularly in kitchens where neutral colours such as white have been chosen, a lack of adequate lighting or a poor choice in lighting systems can have a detrimental effect on the overall design.

Kitchens are now expected to be an area of entertainment for guests and special occasions, and without the correct choice of lighting to set the right mood, your kitchen may lose that edge. Below, we have provided three variants of popular lighting methods, which will not only emphasise the qualities of your kitchen design ideas, but will also create that distinctive centrepiece that you’ve been looking for.


LED downlights have proven to be incredibly popular in the last two decades, with many businesses and homes incorporating a system of downlights for many differing rooms and interiors. Downlights are unobtrusive, fairly affordable to purchase and install, and do not require any elaborate wiring processes. Downlights are perfectly suited for larger kitchens, spreading the light around the room evenly, whilst also creating a distinctively warm feel throughout the room.

Industrial lights

With the increased popularity of the celebration of the urban in recent years has come the introduction of industrial lights into the home. Industrial lights are large, can often come in a set of three joined via a vice or a rig, and act as a giant spotlight if used in conjunction with one another. Smaller kitchens can benefit from industrial lighting, keeping focus on the main areas – such as an island bench – whilst making the kitchen seem bigger than it appears.

Lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are essentially singular lights operating in tandem with one another to create a bar of light above the kitchen itself. Lighting fixtures are commonly used for kitchens that have the benefit of a large island bench, pointing the focus onto that particular area. They can also be used to line the floor area of the kitchen itself, allowing for a directional perspective which will keep the light even and comprehensive throughout the kitchen area.

JLT Renovations is the leading provider of kitchen renovations in Melbourne. With over a decade of experience in the design and implementation of boutique renovations, we are best placed to advise you on exactly which type of lighting is best suited to emphasise the aura and atmosphere of your kitchen. We are also the specialists in bathroom renovations Melbourne wide, providing your home with a unique feature area that everyone can enjoy.

What’s your favourite type of lighting? We’re particularly interested in your opinions on how lighting can benefit the overall design of a kitchen.

The Artistic Stylings of Shaker Kitchens

As far as kitchen design ideas go, the concept of the “shaker kitchen” is an unusual one to say the least. With many homeowners looking to maximise their kitchen space into a full entertainment area in the modern era of reality cooking shows and celebrity chefs, trimming down the kitchen to its pure basics is a massive turn in the other direction. However, the novelty of the shaker kitchen is a great one, and due to its smaller size can easily accommodate a host of fine period aesthetics.

Shaker kitchens get their title from the United States religious movement of the same name, with a focus on simplicity in life being a hallmark of the beliefs of shakers. With the advent of pop art in the 1960’s and 70’s, shaker design exploded into the market for their distinct features and appearance. Soon enough, the idea of a minimal kitchen area that focused more on the artistic elements of the room, and less on modern virtues of space and sleekness, came to the fore in the 1980’s.

Shaker kitchen renovations are often characterised by five, easy-to-notice features, being:

  • Distinct bevelling on cabinets and cupboards
  • The incorporation of light coloured tones, such as cream or white
  • The incorporation of timber for every feature
  • The arrangement of a “galley” layout, with a cooking and preparation bench on either side
  • The utilisation of polished steel for both tap fixtures and drawer handles

Recently, with the Australian inner-city housing revolution welcoming smaller home and apartment plans, shaker kitchens have popped back into popularity, especially for those looking for a rustic feel to their household. They are also great for period homes, with the more traditional features that are associated with older, inner-city terrace houses tying in perfectly with the overall appearance of a shaker kitchen.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of shaker kitchens is – oddly enough – what they offer for those seeking a more contemporary and modern kitchen arrangement. The modern ethos of a clean and uncluttered space work well in shaker kitchens, where the kitchen itself is stripped to only its bare essentials. A more modern touch applied to the cabinetry, as opposed to the traditionally finely detailed shaker cabinets, can provide your home with a clean and crisp, kitchen finish.

JLT Renovations is a leading kitchen designer in Melbourne, and are best placed to provide your home with a unique shaker-style kitchen renovation. We have provided bespoke and stunning kitchen renovations Melbourne wide for over ten years. Call us today on 1300 440 939, and see just what JLT Renovations can do to revitalise your home.

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Ceramic vs Stone Bench Tops – The Benefits of Both

An interesting debate about different kitchen and bathroom design ideas that we’ve noticed recently, has been that of ceramic basins vs natural stone basins. Stone basins have obtained widespread popularity over the last two decades for their distinct properties, but there are still people firmly entrenched in team ceramic for their more traditional, elegant appearance.

At JLT Renovations, we like both options, and we have included a few notes about how they differ, and what they can offer for your ideas regarding kitchen or bathroom renovations, allowing you to see and judge for yourself! Feel free to have a read through our article and let us know who you think wins!


Ceramic basins, despite being the more traditional out of the two, seamlessly blend in with contemporary design ethos, and in most cases can add that final, modern polish to your bathroom. Stone basins, however, provide a more distinctive, unique feel to your bathroom. The use of certain stone materials can also add valuable aesthetics, such as a dark, rough cut stone for rustic purposes, or crisp, white marble for a more regal atmosphere.


The difference between the ease of cleaning ceramic or stone basins is very miniscule, however, stone basins possess the valuable property of being resistant to the buildup of soap scum. This resistance ensures you will spend less time performing regular maintenance on your stone basin. Despite this, however, ceramic basins are still easier to clean, due in part to their more traditional, curved shape, and their lack of necessity to use dedicated cleaning products.


Ceramic basins have been around for a long time, and their unmatched versatility in being combined with other materials is well renowned. Ceramic basins can complement marble, timber and other material features of the bathroom perfectly, often emphasising these materials and making them stand out.

Stone basins, however, stand out on their own, due in part to the remarkable shapes that they can be melded into. Stone basins possess their own great design qualities, and are a particular favourite for new kitchen renovations, as they easily create their own focal points in what is a busy area.

Regardless of whether you prefer ceramic or stone basins, JLT Renovations – being the leading bathroom and kitchen designer Melbourne wide – can provide your vanity or kitchen bench tops with a truly stunning finish. We source out only the highest quality ceramic and stone materials and products available, and can custom cut these to your particular needs. Call us today on 1300 400 939 to find out more about how we can help you design your ideal kitchen or bathroom.

So who won, ceramic or stone? Let us know in the comments section provided!

Installing Industrial Kitchens in your Home

With an increase in popularity of reality cooking shows on television, there is a desire to become a culinary master in the home, and a well designed industrial kitchen renovation can provide you with the space and tools required to do so. Industrial kitchen renovations allow for plenty of working table space for the budding cooking connoisseur, and contain a distinctive look about them which helps to provide a clean and fresh interior for both the kitchen and dining areas.

When people think of an industrial kitchen, the first vision that springs to mind is often a sleek, modern appearance adorned by stainless steel appliances. However, with the incredibly wide range of materials available for new kitchen designs and renovations, you can create an industrial kitchen which will provide your own unique, distinctive touch. We’ve seen many industrial style kitchens modelled from oak cabinets, providing a particularly rustic look.

The advantage of installing a dedicated, industrial kitchen into your home is the space that it will provide. Industrial kitchens are designed with cooking at the forefront of their concept, and this space can easily be converted into a feature area to display decorative items or to form a new living space. Unused benchtop areas can be transformed into inviting bar areas, allowing you to entertain family and guests with ease.

The most important facet of industrial kitchens, however, is that the design must be able to accommodate industrial appliances. The modern day kitchen is no longer just an oven and a fridge, as many households are installing espresso machines, deep fryers, and even dedicated grills into their kitchens. Providing enough room for these appliances is key to a successful industrial kitchen.

Industrial kitchens also have the additional benefit of transforming an adjacent dining area into a showroom restaurant area, which assists in creating a sense of occasion for large parties or gatherings. The clean, contemporary appearance of your industrial kitchen can also be enhanced by creating a continuous space without walls. By doing this, you can make the interior space of both your dining and kitchen area seem larger than it is.

Having provided brilliant results for both kitchen and bathroom renovations across Melbourne, JLT Renovations is best placed to design and create your dream industrial kitchen. Contact the premier kitchen designer in Melbourne today on 1300 440 939, and ask us about how we can realise your industrial kitchen design ideas in your home.

Do you have your own industrial kitchen at home, or like the idea of one? Let us know in the comments section provided.