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Making the most of natural light in your bathroom renovation

Whilst many may think of bathrooms as a closed, dark space, the addition of natural light can literally transform any space into something very special. Many people are realising this quality in their own bathroom renovations, and are seeking to maximise the amount of available light that enters through their home.

Letting the light in can create an illusion of larger space, perfect for smaller bathroom spaces. It can also add a great deal of spotlight for more detailed and artisan interiors. On top of this, it enhances the atmosphere by making everything seem more bubbly and bright, which can be a positive and calming influence for those using the space.

There are many ways to maximise the amount of light coming in, from the most basic and simple of windows, to more elegant frames and even full height glass panels. Letting in the natural light into your bathroom doesn’t have to compromise on your privacy, either, as there are many glass types that keep prying eyes out, whilst letting the light in.

Take this example from one of our more recent renovations. The brief of the project made making the most out of the available space a necessity, as well as creating a largely modern space using simple materials. As you can see, the room itself is quite elongated, making the task even more difficult.

The almost full length window is positioned perfectly to allow light to stream in and filter along the entire shape of the room. Fitting in with the general aesthetics of the bathroom, the glass itself has been made translucent to keep privacy to a maximum. You can also see that the light let in has highlighted the finer points of the interior, such as the floorboards used and the walls.

You may remember this picture from one of our more recent blog articles where we discussed how the light let in made the most of the two-tone colour scheme. The concept here is slightly different to the previous example, and revolved around positioning the essentials of the bathroom in a way that would reap the rewards from this available light.

Privacy was not as much of a concern, given the elevated nature of the room, as well as the existing blinds being used. By situating the bathtub and the shower (out of shot) behind, we’ve let the light explore and enhance the space in between them and the vanity. This has contributed to making what was quite a large area seem even bigger.

We can do the same for you, too. Our designers know how to make the most out of both the available space, light, and other considerations, and then creating a beautiful and atmospheric bathroom design for you. Get in touch with us today about your big bathroom renovation plans, and ask us on how we can make your home brighter and lighter than ever before.

Three great tips on designing your own bathroom renovation

A while ago, we wrote an article on a few things that are worth considering when you are planning on renovating your bathroom. These considerations revolved around the practicality of the final product, and had more to do with making sure that the finalised bathroom plans would be as accessible to you as possible. In line with that, but a little bit more on the fun side, we’re going to be discussing three things to think about when designing your bathroom renovation.

From materials, to colours, fixture styles, and pretty much anything else that you can think of; the world really is your oyster when planning your own bathroom renovation. Knowing where to start with so many choices, however, can almost be a little bit scary. Our tips will steer you into the right direction, making sure that your bathroom renovation will be exactly what you want, whilst also fitting in line with the rest of your home.


Choosing the colour scheme of your bathroom renovation is one of the most exciting stages of the process. Getting it wrong, however, and it can be a disaster. You should consider whether you want your bathroom to effectively tie in with the rest of your home, or whether the intention of the bathroom renovation is to have it stand out as much as possible. Knowing this before you begin will at least put you in the right direction of picking a scheme that will suit your tastes.

Your chosen colours will ultimately decide what options for materials are available to you, so choose wisely. It may be worth going for a lighter scheme to accommodate that faux marble look that you’ve always wanted, for instance. Also think about what type of either lighter or darker shades of the chosen colour scheme that you wish to use. This can be either done as a contrast, or as a feature section to keep the bathroom dynamic overall.


As we mentioned in our previous point, more often than not the colours you wish to use will also determine the materials that are available to you. When choosing materials for vanity tops, showers, baths, and other aspects of the bathroom, you should always keep in mind two things; the look that you’re after, as well as the feel of the material. Stones and tiles often evoke a certain atmosphere to the room, too, so it is worth looking at how each item influences you.

For every type of stone there is, there are almost two-fold more in stone finishes, and this can also affect the physical appearance of the completed bathroom renovation. Everyone has their own preference on whether they prefer matte or gloss finishes, so think about what you prefer, and how it will work with the chosen materials and colour scheme. As a general rule, a gloss finish will evoke brightness, whilst a matte finish will be more muted, refined, and modest.


The most striking part of any bathroom is the fixtures that have been chosen, and these taps and faucets can make or break the overall result of your renovation. There are many types to choose from, and the choice of chrome, bronze, metallic, designer or traditional is purely your choice. You should, however, consider what you want your taps to do. Do you want them to stand out on their own accord, or blend in with the surroundings of your bathroom renovation?

Need help?

If you’re still unsure, or simply cannot make up your mind at the overwhelming range of choices, we’re always here to help. Our bathroom designers come with wide experience in knowing what looks good across all types of design, from the ultra modern, to the more traditional of bathroom concepts. Call us today on 1300 400 939, and ask our designers about how they can help you create a bathroom renovation that you can be proud of.

Top 3 considerations for your bathroom renovation

Custom bathrooms are a fantastic way to transform your home into an area that you can call your very own. Renovating your bathroom can not only add value to the worth of your property, but can also create a real feature area within your household. However, bathroom renovations aren’t as simple as choosing your favourite tiles and features and getting to work. There are many aspects to consider to make the process easier, and to achieve your desired results.

Below, we’ve written a few of the more important things to consider to allow for your bathroom design ideas to become reality. Many of these are based around the planning and orchestration of your design concepts. If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen as well, we wrote an article about components of your kitchen design to think about, which will also help you make the whole renovation much easier.

Orientation of your layout

The variety of the shapes and styles of Melbourne households, means that your bathroom may not be suited for a particular style that you like. Owning a small bathroom, however, doesn’t mean that you’re limited to what you can achieve, just that you may need to be more careful in your planning. Many renovations now make use of any wall space that is available, creating dedicated storage areas for towels and soaps built into the wall itself.

Water pressure and flow

With the wide variety of fixtures that are available on the market today, it can be easy to forget whether they will be compatible with your home. For older homes, especially in inner Melbourne, the water pressure may mean that you will have to be careful with choosing your taps. Fortunately, you can still get the taps that you want, just make sure that they are suited for the pressure of your home.

The design style of your bathroom

One thing that people fall into the trap of doing, is thinking of the bathroom as a completely separate room in the home. This means that they design their bathroom, which undoubtedly looks great, however is not suited to the rest of the interior. If you have an older terrace house, then a more rustic, traditional theme may be a better suit. Conversely, an ultra modern home will benefit from a bathroom design which speaks of contemporary ethos and styles.

As the leading provider of bespoke bathroom renovations in Melbourne, JLT Renovations will be able to help you along the way to ensure that your ideal bathroom comes to life. We can provide you with the best advice and tips on designing your dream bathroom, and you can contact us on 1300 400 939 for any questions that you may have. We invite you to browse through our gallery too, in the hope that you may be inspired by some of our previous work.

How to choose the right handles for your kitchen cabinets

We’ve been touching base on the benefits of a perfectly designed kitchen in recent weeks. Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the smallest, yet arguably most important aspects of any kitchen renovation or design procedure – cabinet handles.

Cabinet handles can make or break kitchen renovations, which in itself has a touch of irony due to their size. Poorly chosen handles will not only distract from the positive elements of your kitchen, but they will also severely affect the functionality and layout of the area itself. Below, we’ve included four aspects to consider when choosing kitchen handles, which will improve accessibility and help you realise your initial kitchen design ideas in full.


Whilst you may have your heart set on a particular style of cabinet knobs, it’s important to ensure that they fit in with your kitchen’s overall aesthetics. For example, those elegant wrought iron handles will look out of place if you’re seeking a contemporary kitchen. Keep the idea of how you want the finished product to look in your mind, and choose accordingly.


With cabinet knobs, if the price is too good to be true, it normally is. Whilst it may look as good as its more expensive counterparts, it may not be conditioned against wear and tear. Another thing to look out for is the strength of the handle screws. We’ve seen many DIY kitchen renovations in Melbourne literally fall apart with weak or short screws.


Whilst you may like a particular style of handle, it may not be accessible to your specific needs. Aspects of handles that can impact the function of your kitchen can include handles that are too big, too slippery to grasp, or reflect too much light. You should hold the handle when it’s on display as if you were using it. This will give you a better idea of how user-friendly it will be in your home.


Have you ever had your beautiful cabinets installed into your kitchen, only to find out that when they open, the handles clunk into one another? This is a common occurrence in many renovations, and it always helps to ask that your renovation team installs the handles only after the cabinets have been fitted. This will allow you to get a better idea of what position will best suit your handles.

JLT Renovations is a leading provider of kitchen and bathroom renovations Melbourne wide. Our experience in cabinet making can ensure that you will be getting handles that will fit into your style, as well as be accessible for all that use your kitchen. Contact us today on 1300 400 939 to enquire about our services, and what we can do to create your ideal interior.

So tell us below, what’s your favourite style of handles?

Three great ways to incorporate listello tiles into your new renovation design

Listello tiles, made famous by the distinctive and picturesque mosaic designs of the antiquated era, have made somewhat of a resurgence recently in kitchens and bathrooms across the country. These tiles come in an extensive variety of materials, colours, and even sizes, and are uniquely suited to be incorporated in numerous areas of the home, where they can add to the interior design of the home.

Listello tiles are a particular favourite to work with for experts in bathroom and kitchen renovations, owing in part to their relatively easy manufacturing process and their likewise simple installation procedure. Below, we’ve come up with three fantastic ways to utilise the aesthetic qualities of listello tiles in the design of your kitchen or bathroom renovations. As always, the friendly team at JLT are on hand to provide you with any additional information that you may require about listello tiles, or any other type of tile for that matter.

Feature strips

Followers of this blog will remember us discussing the usefulness of incorporating feature strips into your bathroom design ideas, of which listello tiles can emphasise to a stunningly high level of detail. Listello tiles can predominantly display intricate patterns in superb fashion, and using these in the form of a feature strip on cabinet edges, shower walls or even underneath vanities, can add an extra edge to your interior aesthetics.

Floor surfaces


Previously, using the traditional form of listellos as a floor surface was effectively impossible, lest the homeowners enjoyed the feeling of sharp stones underneath their feet. Enhanced manufacturing processes, on top of improved materials used for varnished surfaces, have now meant that you can have the great visual of a beautiful listello mosaic, incorporated into a lovely, smooth surface.




With the increased popularity of building vanity sections into the wall, the necessity to retain definement of the section has likewise followed by rising substantially. Tiled borders are not only an easy option – given their relatively high cost-effectiveness – but can also look fantastic in a newly renovated setting. A listello tile border will not only provide this distinctiveness from the rest of the bathroom, but it will also add an extra dimension to the appearance of your renovation.


The experts in kitchen and bathroom renovations


At JLT Renovations, we have an extensive range of brilliant tiles and tile applications – including listellos – that will provide you with a powerful tool to conceptualise your custom bathroom and kitchen designs. Call us today on 1300 440 939 to speak to one of our renovation consultants, and let us help you create your ideal home interior.


Have you ever used listello tiles before? Were you happy with their overall appearance?

Planning your new kitchen renovation? Read this first!

Kitchens are quickly becoming the most important area in the home, and now garners as much focus in home inspections as the bed or living room traditionally do. Spurring this heightened attention that the kitchen now gets, has been the renovation revolution on television, with famous shows almost solely devoted to both new and old renovations of the home.

With all that in mind, you’re probably thinking that now is the right time to start conceptualising your very own kitchen design ideas, but with so much to consider, where do you actually start? Below, we’ve listed a few key tips and areas to look at when planning kitchen renovations. Each of these tips will help you, to not only be able to move ahead quicker, but to get a better idea of how you want your area to look.


Arguably the most important aspect of any design, always keep in mind that your kitchen renovation will be for you and your family. This idea of personalisation is also more involved than just what colours everyone likes. Consider how you work in the area, where you prefer your white goods to be placed, and even smaller details, such as where you stack your plates after use.

Dining room nearby?

For those of us who are lucky to have a large dining area attached to the kitchen for everyone to enjoy, you may wish to consider combining both to create one large feature area. A greater cooking and dining area is high on the wishlist of thousands of potential homebuyers, offering a unique area for special occasions and large gatherings. An open floor plan, or an island bench, tend to work best in creating this important area.


Many people often neglect the impact that a carefully considered lighting system can provide for their new kitchen. Adequate lighting is essential, as it can ensure that your work is made easier, as well as perfectly showcase every fine detail of the beauty of your newly renovated kitchen. Try to picture which type of lighting will work best for you, then seek to tie that in with any particular style of lighting or lamp shades that you prefer.

Own the process

This is your kitchen, being moulded in your image, so don’t be afraid to take the reigns of the design! Write down everything that you want to change in your new design, and edit it so that it complies with your budget, and any other constraints that there may be.

JLT Renovations are the premier providers of unique, striking and attractive kitchen renovations Melbourne wide, and we are on hand to help you with any queries you may have regarding the overall process. We also specialise in custom bathrooms, having created stunning bathroom spaces in Melbourne’s inner city and outer suburbs. Call us today on 1300 400 939 to speak to one of our renovation experts, and see how we can revitalise your home interior.

Have you ever undergone your own renovation plan before? Was it successful in the end?

Choosing the most adequate lighting for your kitchen renovation

We spend thousands of dollars on our kitchen renovations, ensuring that the final product perfectly reflects the hard work and time that was put into its initial design. Many people, however, are neglecting to focus on what, perhaps, is the most integral element of any kitchen renovation – the lighting. Particularly in kitchens where neutral colours such as white have been chosen, a lack of adequate lighting or a poor choice in lighting systems can have a detrimental effect on the overall design.

Kitchens are now expected to be an area of entertainment for guests and special occasions, and without the correct choice of lighting to set the right mood, your kitchen may lose that edge. Below, we have provided three variants of popular lighting methods, which will not only emphasise the qualities of your kitchen design ideas, but will also create that distinctive centrepiece that you’ve been looking for.


LED downlights have proven to be incredibly popular in the last two decades, with many businesses and homes incorporating a system of downlights for many differing rooms and interiors. Downlights are unobtrusive, fairly affordable to purchase and install, and do not require any elaborate wiring processes. Downlights are perfectly suited for larger kitchens, spreading the light around the room evenly, whilst also creating a distinctively warm feel throughout the room.

Industrial lights

With the increased popularity of the celebration of the urban in recent years has come the introduction of industrial lights into the home. Industrial lights are large, can often come in a set of three joined via a vice or a rig, and act as a giant spotlight if used in conjunction with one another. Smaller kitchens can benefit from industrial lighting, keeping focus on the main areas – such as an island bench – whilst making the kitchen seem bigger than it appears.

Lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are essentially singular lights operating in tandem with one another to create a bar of light above the kitchen itself. Lighting fixtures are commonly used for kitchens that have the benefit of a large island bench, pointing the focus onto that particular area. They can also be used to line the floor area of the kitchen itself, allowing for a directional perspective which will keep the light even and comprehensive throughout the kitchen area.

JLT Renovations is the leading provider of kitchen renovations in Melbourne. With over a decade of experience in the design and implementation of boutique renovations, we are best placed to advise you on exactly which type of lighting is best suited to emphasise the aura and atmosphere of your kitchen. We are also the specialists in bathroom renovations Melbourne wide, providing your home with a unique feature area that everyone can enjoy.

What’s your favourite type of lighting? We’re particularly interested in your opinions on how lighting can benefit the overall design of a kitchen.

Three popular bathtub trends for the year

One of the focal points of any conceptual process for bathroom design ideas is that of the bath. Often the centrepiece of many bathrooms, a truly unique and attractive bath section, can potentially transform your bathroom into something special, even if it is great as it is. Custom bathrooms nowadays are using many distinctive tricks of the trade to ensure that the bath is the main attraction, and below we’ve listed a few of the latest trends to turn your bath area into an amazing place to unwind and relax.

Multi-dimensional aspect

A favourite in more contemporary interior designs, utilising a mixture of bevelled and reflective tiles to create an infinite appearance, has become more popular in recent years. Working in the same way that three dimensional drawings do in tricking the eye, a clever use of these tiles can often hide the bath when empty, creating a unique visual for your bathroom’s interior. These tiles work best when glossed and coloured black, with the darkness helping to reflect their surroundings.

Retro is back

The future of baths is ironically in the past, with traditional materials, such as brass and unpolished steel, being incorporated back into bath designs. Brass faucets in particular, once a very common sight in homes all across Melbourne, have made a huge comeback into popularity. Another traditional aspect is the shape of the faucet itself, with curved, elongated tap heads and pipes being a favourite for those looking for a much more gritty, industrial design.

Natural stone tubs

Refined and improved manufacturing processes have led to organic stone tubs being used for bathroom renovations in Melbourne. The most popular seem to be granite composites, which offer a beautiful visual of the delicate and shiny minerals encased within the granite itself. These are effortlessly highlighted when water is deposited into the bathtub itself, often projecting the mineral quality throughout the liquid, and creating a welcoming visual for those who are bathing.

The bathroom renovation experts

No matter what your favourite bath design is, you can trust the team at JLT Renovations to bring all of your bathroom renovation ideas to life. We have provided hundreds of households across Melbourne with the stunning and unique bathroom & kitchen designs they’ve always wanted, and are best placed to consult and advise you on which type of bath design is best suited to your overall concept. Call us today on 1300 440 939, and ask what we can do to realise your dream design for your kitchen or bathroom.

Have you recently installed a new bathtub or renovated an existing one? What material did you choose? Feel free to post a comment below, we want to hear from you!

What TV Doesn’t Show You; Important Considerations for your own DIY Project

It seems that we can’t turn on the television nowadays without being bombarded by another renovation reality show. This spike in the popularity of renovation programmes, has seen an equally as sharp rise in the amount of homeowners donning their hard hat on and performing their own do-it-yourself masterpiece. However – and sadly – it’s not as easy as they make it out to be on TV, as bathroom renovation can quickly turn into a disaster if not managed carefully.

Perhaps the main problem facing DIY custom design bathrooms is that of the dreaded budget blowout. No matter how much number crunching you do during the conceptualisation process, the final number after the renovation has been completed will always differ from its initial evaluation.

A particular problem that affects a DIY budget are the fluctuating prices of materials. Vanity sections, specifically, can potentially give you a lot of financial pain, as quotes you receive are normally provided on a set measurement, and not the actual measurement you’re looking for. Those extra few centimetres on your vanity top could cost you a rather large sum, and it’s advisable to shop around to ensure you’re getting the best value for money material for your renovation.

Another problem DIY experts face is the time consumed from their daily routine. Custom bathrooms – perhaps more so than any other room in the home – will take a substantially large amount of time to complete. This is owed to the components that make up a bathroom when combined, as features such as pipes, faucets, shower heads, and many other smaller details, need careful consideration.

This time spent will eat into your daily routine, which can become a serious problem if your spare time is already quite sparse to begin with. Working on one component at a time is recommended for such people, as a broader focus will delay the process further. Dedicating time to a specific area of the bathroom will allow you to complete it in bite-size sections, whilst also allowing you to see your ideal bathroom look as it is in progress.

The mess and disruption caused can also prove to be a damaging hindrance. Unlike professional renovators, homeowners that decide to go it alone do not have the luxury of being able to dispose of any leftover materials or dust on a daily basis. This can accumulate extremely quickly, and clutter your living space. If it’s within your budget, it’s definitely worth investing in regular rubbish skip collection, both for the cosmetic appearance of your home and, more importantly, the removal of any potential safety hazards to you and your family.

If you do want to tackle your own dream bathroom renovation and are looking for inspiration, or are thinking of investing in a professional renovation company, have a chat with the team at JLT Renovations. We are the leading provider of custom built bathrooms in Melbourne, having helped thousands of people right across the city realise their dream home interior. Contact us today on 1300 400 939, and let us help you create your ideal bathroom.

Have you had any experience with your own DIY project? How did it go?

The Artistic Stylings of Shaker Kitchens

As far as kitchen design ideas go, the concept of the “shaker kitchen” is an unusual one to say the least. With many homeowners looking to maximise their kitchen space into a full entertainment area in the modern era of reality cooking shows and celebrity chefs, trimming down the kitchen to its pure basics is a massive turn in the other direction. However, the novelty of the shaker kitchen is a great one, and due to its smaller size can easily accommodate a host of fine period aesthetics.

Shaker kitchens get their title from the United States religious movement of the same name, with a focus on simplicity in life being a hallmark of the beliefs of shakers. With the advent of pop art in the 1960’s and 70’s, shaker design exploded into the market for their distinct features and appearance. Soon enough, the idea of a minimal kitchen area that focused more on the artistic elements of the room, and less on modern virtues of space and sleekness, came to the fore in the 1980’s.

Shaker kitchen renovations are often characterised by five, easy-to-notice features, being:

  • Distinct bevelling on cabinets and cupboards
  • The incorporation of light coloured tones, such as cream or white
  • The incorporation of timber for every feature
  • The arrangement of a “galley” layout, with a cooking and preparation bench on either side
  • The utilisation of polished steel for both tap fixtures and drawer handles

Recently, with the Australian inner-city housing revolution welcoming smaller home and apartment plans, shaker kitchens have popped back into popularity, especially for those looking for a rustic feel to their household. They are also great for period homes, with the more traditional features that are associated with older, inner-city terrace houses tying in perfectly with the overall appearance of a shaker kitchen.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of shaker kitchens is – oddly enough – what they offer for those seeking a more contemporary and modern kitchen arrangement. The modern ethos of a clean and uncluttered space work well in shaker kitchens, where the kitchen itself is stripped to only its bare essentials. A more modern touch applied to the cabinetry, as opposed to the traditionally finely detailed shaker cabinets, can provide your home with a clean and crisp, kitchen finish.

JLT Renovations is a leading kitchen designer in Melbourne, and are best placed to provide your home with a unique shaker-style kitchen renovation. We have provided bespoke and stunning kitchen renovations Melbourne wide for over ten years. Call us today on 1300 440 939, and see just what JLT Renovations can do to revitalise your home.

Do you like the idea of shaker kitchens? What makes them appealing to you? Drop us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!