A smooth bathroom design process, from consultation to completion

Kitchen and Bathroom Armadale

Step 1: Free In-home Design Consultation

JLT Renovations will come to you to provide a free design consultation on the bathroom renovations that you need. This free consultation will include talking in detail with you about what you want in your bathroom design, and a free quote.

We will show you our wide collection of creative designs, so that you can decide on the design and style of the bathroom that you want. We will go through all of the bathroom design specifications and floor plans with you, so that you have a full understanding of our services, and of the work that needs to be carried out for your new bathroom.

Step 2: Building Inspection

We will organise a time with you where we can conduct an inspection of your property, in order to determine the extent of the works that need to be carried out. We will then provide you with a detailed plan of your bathroom renovation, and the details of the building works that need to be carried out.

Step 3: Finalisation of Bathroom Renovation Plans

JLT Renovations will organise another time with you, where we will go over all of the plans in renovating your bathroom with you in detail. This is the final step in the planning of your bathroom renovation before work commences. As a result, all plans will be finalised and any product decisions will be made.

Step 4: Work Construction

Once all of the plans in renovating your bathroom have been finalised and approved by you, our amazing team of qualified professionals will begin renovating your dream bathroom.

Step 5: Completion and Sign Off

This is the final step in the bathroom renovation process and the stage that you are looking for: your brand new bathroom will finally be refurbished!